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Secretly recorded my childrens nanny in my home. Found wrong

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Secretly recorded my childrens nanny in my home. Found wrong doing so dismissed her as she is in probation period but her family threatening legal action as I made an alligation that I have proof of but I don't know if sectetly recording is legal. She is making personal threats and intimidating me now.
Thank you for your question.
What was the wrongdoing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello she shut my 1 year old in our freezing garage to sleep as she apparently wouldn't settle in her cot! Then she ignored her crying for around 20-30 mins. She shut the door and the kitchen door. And my garage outside door unlocked. I can't hear what she is saying as she whispers but she is frustrated my baby wouldn't go to sleep. I am not sure if in the uk it is legal to secretly record her? My 4 year ok went into school today and in her way told the teachers a on the video u can see my 4 and 3 yer old concern for their baby sister. They were told to shush and go play. She is now lying and I can she she had documented my children have eaten specific items of food which I can see her eating!
Many thanks
There's nothing to stop you recording in your own home and if you are concerned about the behaviour that was recorded there's nothing to stop you dismissing her.
It appears to me that there is no grounds for legal action against you at all.
I would intimate to her that if she or her family contact you again the tape will be shown to the police and a complaint made to them about the way she treated the baby.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry just to clarify it is legal to record her as an employee in my home.
Many thanks again
It is not illegal to do so, therefore it is legal. Just like CCTV cameras in the high street. The extent to which the recording could be used as admissible evidence in court proceedings would be a matter for the court having regard to the general circumstances of th case and fairness to the parties.