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Alice H
Alice H, Solicitor/Partner
Category: Law
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Hi there my name is***** and I have my passport in

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Hi there my name is***** and I have my passport in home office becket house and to have it back they asked me to find a solicitor but solicitors are asking me for to much money and I can't Offord it . My question is , is there any form to fill it my self so I can contact them please ?

Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : Why is your passport at Beckett House?
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

I went to get married with my wife in future which is a polish girl but emigration enforcement stopped us and took me to becket house and they said to me you are illegal here so you need a solicitor to register you here until then we gona keep your passport

Alex Hughes : What is your country of origin?
Alex Hughes : Do you have a visa?
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

I'm from Albania . I don't have a visa

Alex Hughes : Are you on bail now?
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

No I'm free . I report every tow weeks in becket house

Alex Hughes : OK. So on why do you want to stay in UK?
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

Sorry to ask but I paid a fee of £ 47 .am I getting charged again by asking you or not

Alex Hughes : No. You pay once only.
Alex Hughes : OK so on what grounds do you want to stay in the UK?
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

Ok thanks. Well I want to stay because is a good country

Alex Hughes : I like your answer but that's not a ground to stay in the UK. If you are here illegally you have to apply for permission to stay. This could be on human rights grounds for discretionary leave. Your partner could assist your application. But whatever you do you have to make an application otherwise you will be deported.
Alex Hughes : You can use n immigration solicitor and you can find one here: or an immigration adviser:
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

So what can we do please how can apply

Alex Hughes : Unfortunately if you have an adviser you have to pay their fees. But I can get you a link to the forms.
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

I will pay their fees but I can't afford to pay a solicitor

Alex Hughes : If you want to be with your partner you could apply for an EEA family permit as she's from Poland - here is the form you need:
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

Where can I have this form

Alex Hughes :
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

Ok thanks

Alex Hughes : The application is free
Alex Hughes : You can make the application online plus you need some proof of your relationship so you will need a letter from your partner and a copy of her passport.
JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

How long you think they will answer or will they give my passport back

JACUSTOMER-um1qn0gk- :

Ok that's fine

Alex Hughes : I can't say exactly. It could be a few weeks.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your help dear sir Hughes

My pleasure. If you need any more information then please ask for me personally.