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Traveling along the A46 on 20/10/14 on a clar dry day (approximate

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Traveling along the A46 on 20/10/14 on a clar dry day (approximate lay 11:55) I spotted a car parked up on the slip road leading on to the A46 and hidden behind the chevron signs. In addition I noticed a figure move! At this point realising that it was a traffic office I looked at my speed, in my beliefs 84MPH.... I continued along, lowering my speed, and the vehicle quickly caught up to me, popped on the blue lights and the. Pulled me over! I was invited in to his car at which point he advised me that I had been clocked at 93MPH albeit surprised I didn't question this and was then informed that I would be issued with a fine.
The 'Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty' has just, literally, come through 13/11/14 - some 24 days later!
I was hoping for a driving awareness course, mainly due to the fact that I managed to get 2 x 3 point one day after the other in April 2013 after having a clean driving license for almost 12 years! Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be an option so I suppose the first question is - Does the 24 day gap between the offence and issuing of the Conditional Offer of Fixed Penalty negate the ticket? Or Not? Or does the fact that the office was hiding behind the chevron sign help my case if I were to contest the ticket?
Thanks in advance Gareth
Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today.
Alex Hughes : The 24 days is irrelevant I'm afraid. As you were stopped and the offence pointed out to you, the police then have up to 6 months to prosecute.
Alex Hughes : The officer being parked behind the chevron is no defence either. He is not obliged to make himself visible or to give warning of his presence.
Alex Hughes : Sadly I can't see a defence based on the information you have given.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you!
My pleasure. Have a good day. If you need any further assistance then please ask for me by name - "Alex Hughes"