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Hi I need an urgent advice what to do as I believe my human

Customer Question

Hi I need an urgent advice what to do as I believe my human rights of freedom of moment has be violate by certain institution with allegations an know by me I have been follow wherever I go either here or abroad. I am an honest person with 2 grown up kids. I want to probe to whom ever is doing this that I am not the person they looking for. I want to regain my honesty and integrity
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Could you briefly explain your situation a little more?
JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- :

Last February i moved to Bergen Norway to spend more time with my boyfriend

Alex Watts :


JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- :

Last February after taking a year carrier break from my job. I moved to Bergen Norway to spend more time with my norwegian boyfriend of 5.1/2 years into the relationship. I settle in, enroll myself in a norwegian course. Things were going well. but suddenly I notice I was followed everywhere and also notice that the house next to my boyfriend always was someone sitting at a computer desk whatever time I arrived. also there was people on the bus I took back home after my classes got off with me and when to that house. I became very worry because I did not understand the reason why I was follow. I mentioned to my boyfriend but he denied that, that was happening and that if that was true he said I should not worry "just let them waste their resources because he has not done anything wrong and neither you" I tried to understand him but it got too much for me that I had a break down and I just wanted to die I told my norwegian girlfriend what was happening but she took it as a breakdown and took me to the hospital and was hospitalise for 2 week, because I was suffering from paranoid psychosis, My children find out what happened to me and although I was look after very well in Bergen by the medical staff. I returned to London to follow the treatment on my children advised. but to my surprise all this drama followed me to London some new neirbourghs has moved after the new year opposite my house and I believed they control all my movements some of my neirbourgh think that they are strange about 6 different men go in and out that house with be suitcases and later they come back again with them, non of this people have a key for the house they always knock the door. I have been twice to the police in Kingston where I live and they just recorded my complain abut nothing has been done. I am 100% sure there is a something against me but I can"t put a finger in to it. I keep asking my boyfriend if is something to do with him but he said not or someone in norway has something against me and has made a false speculation . Alex is so difficult for me to explain to you by e-mail what I am going through as I am spanish speaking and my grammar is not that good. I just want someone to help me I am an honest person with a lot integrity. by the way I also went to talk to my area MP Zac Goldsmith but I was disappointed as he only wanted me to have a good care by my doctor which he wrote to them. I just want to said I am not crazy and I am not depress is the system that want me to make me to believe that I have a problem with my health I am not spend my days in bed crying or feeling sorry for myself I do exercise I go out but sometime is took much for me when I see specially some of my neirbourghs that know that what happen with the house opposite to me and don't help me find justice. Please please help me to find justice. as this is a big miscarry of justice If anyone help me I promise 100% won't let then down. I have to face this on my own as I don't want my children get worry I need to protect them from this.

Alex Watts : How are you being prevented from moving?
JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- :

so who is going to help me now

Alex Watts : I have asked how are you being prevented from moving?
JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : I have been follow by numerous people I believe the opposite neirbourghs. Has something to do with it. I wish if they can come whatever charges they hold on me I just went to Rome as my children took me for my birthday and I was also follow there. I would like to speak in person with a human rights solicitor I am very sure what I want to do perhaps he or she could do some investigation.
Alex Watts :

Ok - I have submitted an offer for additional services to speak by phone

JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : My number is *********** probably we can speak on Monday
Alex Watts :

Ok - you need to accept the additional services offer so I can do that.

Alex Watts :


JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : Which are the additional services
Alex Watts :

The offer of a phone call.

JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : Okay
Alex Watts : Did you get it?
JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : Yes I did but the offer of calling me meants I have to pay more money
Alex Watts :

Sadly yes. Usually communication must be through this site but you can have a phone call, but the site charges extra

JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : Okay, but I think I will search in the net foy
JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : sorry ,
JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : i will search in the net for a human right solicitor and make an appointment to see he/she in person that will the best
Alex Watts :

Ok - I can assist you find one if that helps? What is your home town?

JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : Kingston upon Thames kt2 7qx I would like a solicitor that will be strong and passionate to defend my human rights of liberty. I am strong to believe that what is happening to me is a miscarriage of justice.
Alex Watts :

Coleman & Betts

(###) ###-####4402
Alex Watts :

Howell-Jones LLP -(###) ###-####5186

Alex Watts :

Infields -(###) ###-####1149

Alex Watts :

Does that help?

JACUSTOMER-3a6kbaij- : Okay I will search them on the net to see which one is more appropriate for my case. Thanks
Alex Watts :

Great. Can I clarify anything else for you?

Alex Watts :

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