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Matt Jones
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I have neighbours who have been very noisey for 7 years now,community

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I have neighbours who have been very noisey for 7 years now,community police and police have been involved in the past. Things are getting worse again and drugs are involved now,what can I do now to stop things getting worst, my wife now want's to move,why should we move because of bad neighbours!
Matt Jones :

Hi i will try and help

Matt Jones :

are the neighbours tenants or do they own their own home?

Customer: It's the home owner's son and his mates,she seems to turn a blind eye,for an easy life ,their is no father.
Matt Jones :

I see , so they are unlikely to to be formal tenants then. Do you know where the mum lives?

Customer: She lives at the same address. On a weekend she disapeers to her new boyfreinds.
Matt Jones :

I see. So she owns the property. This is a difficult on as you cant simply evict a homeowner of course. Have the policy consider and ASBO on the neighbours/son?

Customer: We think the home was bought by the mums, mother. If so
Customer: So if it is owned by her mum, and they are living in it rent free, does this mean we could get an eviction notice served on them? But if her mum has bought it and given it to her, does this make it a tax offence, if it has not been declared ?
Matt Jones :

Thanks for the reply

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Thanks for the reply.
The first thing to do is to find out who exactly owns the property. You can do this by doing a search at the land registry here:-
The once you know there are a few options:-
a) the first thing to do it to ensure that on every occasion of antisocial behaviour you report this formally to the local police. You need to ensure that there is a "file" built up against he owner and the occupants as this will make it easier for the Police to serve an ASBO on the protagonists. in addition the Police can apply for an eviction order in their own right
b) You personally (or ideally get a solicitor) write to the owner at there address. In this letter you will be putting the owner on notice that there a occupants causing a nuisance and that, ultimately as the owner, she is liable for damages to you as a result of noise and nuisance. If you can get the owner to see your issues she (with your assistance) will be able to obtain an eviction order (although if they are family I appreciate this may be difficult to persuade them)
c) you could apply for an ASBO yourself. this is quite a costly exercise and so I would only suggest this as a last result and with the assistance of a solicitor
d) the Council have powers to deal with excessive noise and antisocial behaviour. They can take action against private Landlords and their tenants. You should make a complaint directly to them (or several over a period of time). If they do not investigate correctly you can complain to the Local Government ombudsman:- see here
I hope this helps and I wish you well in your battle. You definitely should not be forced to move because of someone else actions!
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