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My husband passed away and his work partner is claiming vast

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My husband passed away and his work partner is claiming vast sums of money from his estate and has issued me with court order. There is no agreement in writing to my knowledge. The work partner has been very mean to me and my family. She has produced 4 statements and the claim keeps increasing. what should I do and what are the chances that we will have to settle from his estate?
Thank you for your question. I am sorry for your loss.
Can you give me some further information?
1. What is the basis of the claim?
2. Has the court ordered payment or have papers just been served?
3. Was ithe business a two person partnership?
4. Have final accounts for the partnership been prepared to the date of your husband's death?
5. If so, what do the accounts say is the balance shown as being your husband's capital account in the business?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
1) basis of claim is loan of money. But it is vast amounts totalling some 3/4 million.
2) papers have just been served
3) it was my husbands business and the claimant was working / friend / doing some investment business with my husband. I had no knowledge of it but at the same time I did not really need to know my husbands business.
4) no accounts
5) n/a
Was this person a partner in the business or not. In your original narrative you describe her as a "work partner". In your second you seem to say that she was a friend working for him doing investment business?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
This person was not a business partner, she is rich and worked in my husbands office as and when it suited her. Both bought properties in Dubai and did some sort of business. My husband had an accountancy practice.
So she is pursuing an alleged debt. It is for her to establish the existence of the debt. If your husband owed the money she can pursue his estate for settlement as debts don't die with you.
If she can't establish a debt then her claim will fail and she will have to meet the estate's costs in defending the case.
You will have to see a solicitor about this immediately if papers have now been served through the court.
If I can help further with the merits of the claim, let me know.
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