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Clare, Solicitor
Category: Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practice since 1985 with a wide general experience.
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hello can you please help I am pulling my hair out here I have

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hello can you please help I am pulling my hair out here I have made complaints about a caffcass officer and his cover up and lies in court for 10 years I have complained to everyone I have now just been told by the parliamentary ombudsman that My expectaions where to high and they will not investigate further my complaint because e they do not go to court to show courts they where lied to also that the length of time is to long
this dose not take into account I have proven that cafcas s lie d to the ombudsman claiming I did not make any complaints to cafcass over this period of time A blatant lie
can you please help what can I do or is this just another white wash to cover up child abuse Mt Advocate who has tried to help me has produced evidence to a judge in court who has admitted the evidence she showed him never went into court it included cover up of child abuse cover up of theft and fraud my ex wife was committing I t also showed him my medical files had been altered in a court report made by cafcass to claim I was a liar This judge told her to take all this evidence to the relevant authorities she was advised to go to the parliamentary ombudsman and tell them what she had found over a 7 year period and what the judge has said
there answer to this is to do nothing
please what can I do
Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
When was the report prepared?
When was the last court hearing?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello clare thank you for replying

the report was prepared 2007 was thrown out of court then re admitted under different judge cafcass used up time in court and used up all my legal aid could not fight it .

last court was 2008 at this court cafcass re admitted the report that had already been thrown out of court my barrister told my solicitor to sue them my solicitor told him he could not because he had conflict of interest barrister told me to get any help I could

went to my mp he got 1st ombudsman's investigation in 2008 this did not go any where because cafcass lied to them and I could not go to solisitors or courts for information they wanted

my advocate comes into story ove r last 7 years she has found loads of evidence hidden from court

she was given a hour with the preceding judge in jan 2013 she showed him all the evidence e that ha d been with held form court he told he r none of the evidence she ha d found up to then had ever been in court he told her to go to relevant authorities she went back to ombudsman again told them what was going on they started new investigation

I have proven that they where lied to in 2008 and and again in this investigation

since jan 2013 my advocate has found loads of theft and fraud this cafcass officer covered up that my ex wife wa sup to

the DWP AND DLA benefits believe she has stolen from me £300,000 of benefits AND HAVE GIVEN ME THE EVIDENCE TO GIVE TO OMBUDSMAN this includes secret bank accounts that that are not in my name but my benifits are going into them None of the bank accounts are named in my ex wifes E forms none where not named in court but this cafcas s officer knew these existed because he had gone into my benefit files he knew where this money wa s going and hid it from court and called me a liar

he and social services with held from court school reports where my daughter is complaining of been abused by her mother ie been hit with

a fist

All this evidence was shown to judge in 2013 it was given to the ombudsman

the ombudsman's excuse is the case is to old and my expectations are to high

the dla fraud team have said that's this excuse is( exact word) trivial and they expected them to prossiquit

I have been told today from my hospital that there are no forms submitted to them requesting my medical files and no consent form from me to allow my medical forms to be given to cafcass or this doctor

and that cafcass social services and this so called doctor have not been any where near my medical files as they claim

the cafcas s officer also covered up evidence of my ex wife forging my signature and cashing in my pension he also covered up evidence that I purchased the house with my compensation money from my accident at work he also covered up the theft of a very valuable and rare record collection I collected over 20 years before I met my ex wife I believe my ex wife stole this record collection over a 3 year period to pay her debts off

I have been to the police I have made 7 statements from 2001 when this theft 1st started 3 years before my ex wife demanded a divorce they have done nothing

the judge also told my advocate this report had been used more than once in court he also told he ri ha d been in court 16 times and that there where 10 judges involved and that no judge had been communicating with each other so none of them knew what was going on it was when he said this he told her to take all the evidence to relivent authorities which she ha s done and got no where

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I forgot to tell you the medical file s that have been altered in the cafcass report are actual crown court evidence for my compensation claim to my accident which I won in crown court in 1999

I am servilely allergic to penicillin I was in hospital for 7/8 weeks medical /intensive care ward

I have the real medical files from this period

cafcass and this so called doctor claim I have never been in hospital or am allergic to penicillin and that the medic alert badge I wear was in fact not mine I ha d borrowed it from a friend for the court date

there claims where because I ha d lied about my illnesses and accident they claim never happened that im lying about my daughters abuse so keep my daughter away from me which the courts did

this medical report from cafcass now puts my life in serious danger

as I previously explained i can now prove that cafcass and this doctor went no where near my medical files and they could not any way because no release forms had been signed by me

Why do you believe that CAFCASS were involved in the financial issues?
How old is your daughter and when did you last see her?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

contact was stopped in 2008 when cafcass gave false reports and with held evidence to court and demanded all contact stopped when my daughter attempted suicide

they claimed 999 calls she made where not hers also calls she made to nspcc and child line begging for help where not her then changed story to I made her make them they also with held internal solicitor letters which showed my ex wife and her solicitors and cafcass had stopped contact with me and my daughter and then where trying to change contact orders behind courts back

my advocate has the letters she showed all this to judge wildsmith in court 2013 he told her to go to relevant authorities

judge wildsmith also confirmed cafcass demanded the removal from courts claiming a child physiatrist report made by dr liz hall was not relivent to the case after they made me pay for it

judge wildsmith confirmed this report was removed on there insistence

the report gives reasons why my daughter was been abused it also says I did not sign any forms to cash my pension in which HAS BEEN CASHED IN

cafcass claim no evidence was given to them when I was given a court order to hand over any evidence to the claims I was making my advocate has a witness statement saying I did hand them over who went with me

this witness was threatened with jail by cafcass officer if she made any statement to courts about what she knew he would put he r in jail she wa s rushed into hospital with suspected heart attack it was very serious stress attack She was to frightened to make a court statement cafcass officer then repeatedly called her a liar

my advocate has her statement the statement confirms everything im telling you that statement was given to judge wildsmith 2013

my advocate has the witness statement to say I did hand over all the evidence to them for this court report and to be given to this physiatrist DR liz Hall

Dr Hall confirmed to court in 2nd report that she has not received any documents and names the cafcas officer who was to hand them over to her she also tells courts she has seen these documents she also tells courts in her report she has seen photographs which I took which showed my ex wife braking court order with moving boy friend into the house that social services and cafcass dini exists and call me a liar to

cafcass demand the removal of this report confirmed to my advocate in 2013 by judge wildsmith

the photos where taken from me by cafcass also the diary with dates and times of the photos taken My ex wife is on benefits the boy friend is working this is a cover up of benefit fraud My advocate ha s contacted the benefits agency I also gave police his car number plate all dinned by cafcass and social services

Cfcass officer demanded court order to go into my dla and dwp files I have been told by both dla and dwp data protection officers that was ILLEGAL courts should not have allowed him into my files But what he found in there he has dinned in court and with held the evidence

all this evidence has been passed onto me and my advocate

All my benefits where going into bank accounts my ex wife dini exists so dose this cafcass officer he called me a liar there are at lest 7 bank accounts she ha snot admitted to

At the time of the ancillary relief case one of these bank accounts ha d been found my ex wife convinced the judge it was a spelling mistake she was lying

the dwp have confirmed to my advocate that all my benefits where put into the guardianship of my ex wife because my money kept going missing and I was taking benefit loans out because i was lea d to believe id repeatedly lost the money

With evidence I have now I believe that money wa s been stolen to pay my ex wifes debts of and to keep her boy friend happy My ex wifes debts ( there huge ) one of these bank accounts had some of my benefits going into it up to 5 years after the seperation and divorce I knew nothing about these benefits This cafcass officer ha d been into this file after the split up of the marriage and the divorce had started he knew exactly what was going on

my advocate repeatedly told me my benefits where wrong and I wa s not reciving the amount of money I should have been

she took me down to the job center got there staff to fill out all the forms for me again she was right

DLA belive there was at least 25,000 to 40,000 pound sof benefits going into this bank account

I contacted the DLA on Friday and told them what the ombudsman had said they where not happy there exact words where Mr Pickup we expected a prosecution over this

this is a benefit account this cafcass officer ha d opened and gone into and called me a liar in court

whats more important the dwp and dal data protection teams bot h said what the hell is this caffcass officer doing in my files and why did he need to go into my personal files when my daughter was complaining of been abused it had nothing to do with it

the dwp have given me a list of every pice of data this man opened its a full page long he opened everything he knew exactly what my ex wife was up to


he also with held from a report a diary which was my ex wifes which was found hidden before I was kicked out of my home this diary showed my ex wifes day to day life it showed money been transferred around banks she dinned she had

I purchased my home with my compensation money again that evidence with held from court

this diary was seen by dr liz hall and was demanded along with all the other evidence that had been found up to that time of her reports

she has told the courts she did not receive any of the documents she has seen

evidence w e have now compared to what w e had then is huge

all the evidence my advocate had found up to 2013 was shown to judge wildsmith there is even more since then

the latist is now from hospital every one sermized I had given consent for my hospital reports to be handed over to dr ann Mortimer and caffcass for the medical report

Hospital have confirmed Friday no consent was given or asked for no solicitors, cafcass officer, or dr ann Mortimer asked for my medical files no files where handed over

there medical report is a pack of lies and fraudulent

judge wildsmith confirmed to my advocate in 2013 none of this evidence had ever been in court HE NEVER ASKED ME or my advocate IF ID GIVEN CONSENT he was surmising I had every one is

the ombudsman have never asked me if i gave consent or if cafcass or dr ann Mortimer had been given consent

because eof my head injury I had no idea if I had or not I couldn't remember I now know I HA D NOT given consent confirmed to me on Friday by the hospital files dept they have asked me to go up to see them tomorrow I have asked for letter of confirmation

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

also this diary which was found has evidence in it that shows my ex wife was lying in statements to court about the theft of this very valuable record collection

How old is your daughter now.
When was the last court hearing regarding your daughter?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

shes 17 last hearing 2008

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

court went with cafcass lies and court made order of no contact

judge gave me option stop contact or hel make order no contact ever

What are you hoping to achieve now given that your daughter us too old for a contact order to be made?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1/ the cafcass office covered up huge theft and fraud I want that money back

2/ if this officer is allowed to get away with what he has done ie alter crown court evidence with hold evidence to child abuse alter medical reports to put my life in considerable danger

no one is safe

the courts need to know what he is up to

my daughters inheritance given to her from my mother before she died has also been stolen and covered up

my daughter should be given that back

my daughter also needs to know I did not give up the last time I sa w her I told he r i would never give up and fight for her and the truth to come to court she begged me don't forget me dad she needs to know I did not give up or forget her

iv been told my daughter has serious mental problems now

she needs to learn to trust someone she needs to know he r farther kept his promise that I love her dearly never gave up on her and always loved her

that others are to blame for what she ha s been through no child should have goen through what she has been through no father should nether

report after report that my advocate has uncover all my daughter says is I want to live with my dad my mother hits me with a fist

justice needs to be done here or we will have another baby p or Rotherham on our hands

this caffcass officer has crossed the line hes done it once how many other times has he done it

what is this doctor up to she ha s altered medical records and crown court evidence this cafcass officer personally demanded this doctor are they working together ?

all these questions need to be answered

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I showed this medical report to the hospital medical director he told me kelvin if any doctor reads this they will give you medication your allergic to

this report will kill me

when I won my crown court case the judge in his summing up warned and told me any one gose against his findings im to sue them

I am doing what a crown court judge has told me to do

not only did these liars go against his findings they altered them for this case and the medical evidence also I have the paper evidence to everything im telling you

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am now living on benefits when in fact I should have a very comfortable life

I want that life back

investments I mad e have been stolen from me and evidence to this was hidden from court by this cafcass officer who then repeatedly called me a liar

that's slander and deformation of character

compensation money and investments given to me from a accident at work have been stolen from me and taken away from be because my ex wife lied in court all he r lies and what she was up to was hidden from court by this cafcass officer

that make s him preventing the course of justice and helped cover up theft and fraud I want all that back

I want my life back I have nothing

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my ex wife was told and warned several times in the ancillary relief case judge wildsmith presided over if you are lying your going to jail

he said to me mr pickup you do not have enough evidence to what you are telling me but if this is brought back into court your wife is in very serious trouble I am not calling you a liar mr pickup im saying you do not have enough evidence

he then told my ex wife again if you are lying your going to jail this cafcass office should also be brought in to answer questions

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

judge wildsmith has now seen that evidence he was fuming my advocate was told to go to relevant authorities

no one has done anything

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I forgot to tell you my ex wife in court admitted she was re directing the mail

I ha d no idea what was going on

the dwp mr tuck data protection officer


and insurance fraud team have all asked me for my signature

all have told my advocate they are 2 different signatures on the forms they have one which is different to the signature they have now which is from 2004 when we split up

dwp and dla have given me all the bank read outs and bank computer sheets and bank accounts THERE NOT IN MY NAME THERE NOT MINE ALL MY BENIFITS WHERE GOING INTO THEM FROM 1996 to 2004 and in case of dla up to 2009 5 years after separation and 7 years after divorce and my ex wife lies about these bank accounts in court

my barrister and solicitor asked me to give signature in front of them my signature was looked at compared to signature to cash my pension in its not my signature on that form that pension would have been worth 250,000 if it had been paid into as it was meant to be

Dr Liz hall tells courts I did not sign this form

Judge wildsmith confirmed to my advocate in 2013 that report from dr Liz hall was demanded to be removed from court by this cafcass officer

this officer knew my ex wife was lying and covered it up

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I meant to say 2 years after divorce

The CAFCASS officer was only involved in the case regarding your daughter.
He had no involvement with or influence in the financial issues
The issue with your ex is a very different matter - but I am not sure what you feel the role of the CAFCASS officer was
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi clare thank you again for replying I know this is very complicated it gets more complicated by the hour

judge wildsmith made it very clear to my advocate in 2013 with the evidence she gave him that the advocate with his actions had influenced judge wildsmiths findings to the ancillary relief case

he told my advocate to take her findings to the relevant authorities including the parliamentary ombudsman and police which she has done both have done nothing

this cafcass officer demanded to go into my dwp and dla files which he did

he saw the evidence that my ex wife was lying to court and in statements to court ie my benefits going into bank accounts which my ex wife dinned existed in her e form and in court on oath

he also demanded the removal of a court report which he knew had evidence in that my ex wife was lying about my pension been cashed in

he knew exactly what my ex wife was up to with held it from court reports then called me a liar

I have now been given from the hospital a witness summons sheet for all my medical reports to the case in November 18 and 19th 1999 for my compensation claim and win in hull crown court in 1999

which he dines happened he claims I quote it is a figment of my imagination unquote

I also have the medical reports from hospital that have been altered in a cafcass report to court in 2007 which was used in the ancillary relief case

he clearly was involved in the ancillary relief case and influenced judge wildsmith judge wildsmith has told my advocate that himself by telling he r to take this to the relevant authrorities

I have now been told and asked to go to hospital tomorrow that the hospital received no authorisation letters to my files no consent from me no application from cafcass or any cafcass officers or doctors to ask for my files

in DR Ann Mortimer and cafcass reports to court it makes it very clear cafcass and the doctor involved are saying they have been looking at my hospital files and there's nothing in them that backs up my claims of my illnesses This is a blatant lie they go on to say do not believe any thing I am saying that I am a compulsive liar

that report was used in the ancillary relief case judge wildsmith has admitted none of my real medical reports ever came into court hes told my advocate that

That is now been backed up by the hospital every one is surmising the consent form was used IT WASENT JUDGE wildsmith was fuming in 2013 he dos e not know about this new evidence no one dose only you

this is bran new evidence found this week I have repeatedly told every one my files ha d been altered for this report No one ha d the common sence to contact the hospital all the judge wanted to do was get the divorced over and done with because cafcass clearly influenced him and was telling him from this report I was a compulsive liar

in 2013 he told my advocate there was nothing he could do until this was re presented to court but he would take every one to task for this his exact words I would like to know what he will do with this new evidence

my ex wife ha s dinned I am disabled from a accident in court she dinned the amount of compensation I won she was warned by judge wildsmith if she was lying she would go to jail your

the files to the case are in my dwp files dla files the same files this officer went into he called me a liar

no one could find the court case including hull courts so every one surmised I was lying the case was in the name of huntsman's the name used by the gmb union to take my case to court every one was looking for it in my name it never was in my name

in court in 2013 I asked judge wildsmith for some papers on the table because id seen this file with name of huntsmans on it it was my court number file when I gave this to Thompson solicitors the solicitors who won my case for me they found my case straight away

again evidence with held from court by this cafcass officer he claimed there was no court case he claimed everything was a figment of my imagination so did this doctor it never was in my name I did not take my ex employs to court the gmb union did

again he lied and influenced the courts

to finish of my ex wife is lying about this case and the fact she was a called witness

in 2007 my barrister in court told my solicitor to sue this officer and cafcass he refused my barrister asked why he told him he had a conflict of interest I have that in writing

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

if this caffcass officer did his job right he would have contacted hull crown courts when he saw this file in my dwp file s

not only did he not follow up what he found he called me a liar and said it never happened and with held that evidence from court

of course hes involved with the ancillary relief case hes influenced it from out side by reports he presented to court and my ex wife solicitors then used in th e ancillary relief case

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the files that where on judge wildsmith table that had the court number on it in the name of huntsmans solicitors that I asked for where sent to my advocate and presented to court from my dwp files by Mr Tuck data protection officer dwp

the same files this cafcass officer had been into the same court case all the findings and evidence has been altered in court by this officer to cover up what my ex wife was up to

The only court hearing which the CAFCASS officer was in any way involved in was the one relating to your daughter.
The Papers from that case could NOT have been part of the Ancillary Relief case as it is not permitted by the court.
In addition the financial issues are not relevant to the Children Act matter - so the only relevant complaints you have would be with regard to the Psychiatric and medical reports
It is possible that the Psychiatric report will have been referred to in the Financial matter - but if so then this is a matter for a complaint against the Psychiatrist - NOT the CAFCASS officer.
The CAFCASS officer may well have failed to act correctly and you may well have cause for complaint BUT you cannot link this to the financial matter and by doing so you weaken your complaint
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi clare

how come judge wildsmith has said to my advocate he will take him to task for removing dr liz halls report claiming I had not given documents she demanded to cafcass to be passed on to her

she tells the courts the documents exist shes seen them but was not given them when in fact I had and also she clearly tells the court I did not sign any forms to cash my pension in

surly that's is interfering with the ancillary relief case ?

this reports was ordered as part of a findings of facts more than one findings of facts may I say where all the evidence was with held and I was called a liar and ha dnot brought any evidence to back my claims up ????

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi clare

how come judge wildsmith has said to my advocate he will take him to task for removing dr liz halls report claiming I had not given documents she demanded to cafcass to be passed on to her

dr liz hall tells the courts the documents exist shes seen them but was not given them when in fact I had given them to cafcass it was a court order I was told id be in serius trouble if I did not IN her 2nd report she tells the court and names the officer who was meant to hand them over dr hall clearly tells the court I did not sign any forms to cash my pension in

surly that's is interfering with the ancillary relief case ?

this reports was ordered as part of a findings of facts more than one findings of facts may I say where all the evidence was with held and I was called a liar and ha dnot brought any evidence to back my claims up ????

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi clare sorry il try be a bit more clear

dr liz had was brought in as part of a findings of fact her 1st report was removed from court when i complained that none of the evidence she had asked for and in this report says exists was handed to her via cafcass she had seen it when interviewing me

I was ordered to go to cafcass offices with all my evidence I was given warning by judge if I did not hand over any thing to liz hall that she wanted i be in serious trouble

dr liz hall after she interviewed me rang cafcass and my self and arranged a meeting and interview at there officer where I was to hand over all the evidence she had seen

when her report went into court there was nothing in it about any of the evidenc ei had shown her

the cafcass officer involved ha d taken early retirement the day before this report entered court 1st time I saw it or my solicitor was that day in court we refused to accept it

judge asked why solicitor told him a solicitors bundle sent to cafcass offices was not in this report nor was any of the evidence to the fraud that was been uncovered

judge said he could not act on this as no cafcass office r ha d turned up in court so he allowed my solicitor to ask 3 questions to dr hall via letts to her

2 questions where about my daughter and should she be with he r mother dr hall answered if all im saying is true then that's the reason my daughter was been abused an d she should not be with her mother

the 3 rd question was had dr hall received any documents from me she says she received nothing from cafcass and names the officer involved but says everything was waiting on the table for her

cafcass under a different judge then demand the removal of the 2nd report claiming I had not given them any documents asked for when I ha d

that is when the person who went with me was threatened by another cafcass officer if she made a statement to what I was saying hed put he r in jail

she was rushe d into hospital with suspected heart attack it was a serious stress attack it has taken my advocate 6 years to get this witness confidence to write a statement to her and what happened and what was said

that statement was given to judge wildsmith in 2013

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

judge wildsmith told my advocate to take that to the relevant authorities which she has done ie police and ombudsman they have done nothing

ALL of that relates to the hearings regarding your child NOT to the financial issues
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

but all the documents where hidden bank accounts letters from bank fraud teams insurance fraud teams giving me evidence to was was going a diary with movement of money going around banks my ex wife ha s not admitted to all this had started to be uncovered letters from debt collectors insurance fraud teams

none of that had any thing to do with my daughter I don't understand how thats related to my daughter and the with holding of this evidence to any court report makes cafcass innocent ???????

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

sorry just to add to that he then repeatedly called me a liar in court going on about my claims to the fraud ext and he said when it came to it I did not turn up with any evidence

and used that repeatedly to keep contact down then eventually stopped claiming I was a liar and my daughter wa s not been abused

I am sure that he did call you that and that that is a cause for complaint.
However that has nothing to do with the Financial issues - he may well have believed your ex's lies - but he has no responsibility for the outcome of the Financial issues - that is down to your ex
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi clare

I have been taking in what you have been explaining to me

iv contacted health watch after talking to a help line to where to complain heath watch will help me make complaint if I prove what im saying is true they have told me I have done right thing

they will help by getting a specialist advocacy to talk with me they explain I have up to a year to put complaint in but this is different if my story is true they will contact me to see the evidence they are saying this is not a misdiagnosis but deliberate alteration of medical records and court evidence so the time line goes out the window so to speak

they have said caffcass may have questions to answer but the physiatrist certainly has if im telling the truth

thank you for pointing me in right line

I have repeatedly been told to go for the cafcass officer for 7 years I explained that to them they said no phyiciatrist has questions to answer 1st

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

would you be interested in this case ?

I am glad that I have helped you to work through the very complicated events and reach an understanding - but sadly we are limited to the very basic services which can be offered on this type of website
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you

I hope you don't mind me asking one more question

I have to go back to my doctors tomorrow events are still not very clear theres clearly some cover up going on not with my doctors may I say they have given me a print read out of my medical condition

but it looks like cafcass handed over my medical files from my doctors to the physiatrist it also looks like no one contacted my hospital for there files

we don't know who has with held my files to make the claims to my medical condition but I do have a letter from hospital and a witness summons to my medical case they attended in 1999

it is all over my files that I was in hospital for 8 weeks with allergy to penicillin and im allergic to penicillin

this is what's been altered in court reports made to court by cafcass and this doctor That's whats been changed to call me a liar

where dose that put cafcass in this ?

The psychiatrist would have been given access to your files - but CAFCASS would not have had them - they would simply have ensured that they were made available.
It doe snot change CAFCASS's position at all
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

that really puts her on the spot then

Possibly yes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi clare just had letter from hospital with files related to the court summons in 1999 none of these files the physiatrists says exists in her report

That is good news
Clare and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello clare I gave you a excellent rating

just to follow up on whats happened i received a letter from the csa this week my daughter was put in care 2 years ago with out my or there knowledge they have sent me letter to confirm this I was paying maintenance to my ex wife while my daughter was in care this letter ha s been sent to police and also ombudsman

csa the ombudsman and the benefits agency where not informed by social services or cafcass that my daughters in care while my ex wife was receiving maintenance and child benefits

I was given some telephone numbers to call for help there is a solicitor who is interested in the case

said they may be able to help and said your advice was very good we did indeed go after the wrong person it should have been the physiatrist

they are hoping there enough evidence to show courts I was given wrong advice to go after this cafcass officer when in fact I should have started with the physiatrist

thank you kelvin

Thank you - I hope things go well for you