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I'm being investigated for mortgage fraud unbeknown to me !

Customer Question

I'm being investigated for mortgage fraud unbeknown to me ! I took advise from a mortgage broker that I trusted and payed ,and now I'm being investigated and feal I'm in a lot of trouble .ive never been in trouble before I realy didn't think I was doing anything wrong ,my mortgage broker has leed me up the garden path ,and now I'm so so scared and don't now what to do can you help ?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

Please explain your situation a little more?

JACUSTOMER-tufupizu- : My partners friend gave us a phone number of a mortgage broker as we were having trouble getting a mortgage ,we were living in my one bedroom flat with our growing six year old and it had just became unbearable ,my partner has a little bad credit so when his freind said I know a final heel adverser who will get you a mortgage , the mortgage man was very chatty and made every thing seem fine , he said if I applied for it as a single person it would be fine because could afford the money together anyway , he gave me a number and said I would have to phone them myself as it's better if I ring them ,I didn't think anything wrong of that ,the adviser said to ask if they could take a sale ray letter from my employer with a salary incress on ,I did as I was told ,againe all the time. Thinking that the mortgage broker knows about mortgages and it was fine , I sold my flat and contained with the mortgage application ,going through all the stress of moving and at the time I was being serve ally bullied at work and put on antidepressants ,which I have never had before so it was a very stressful time for me , cut a long storie short the mortgage was suddenly canceled ,I was furious and phoned them asking why ect they said they weren't satisfied with the documents received , I defused it with my partner and we still decide to sell and rent and then try to bye again later on ,so I thort nothing of it , until now , I was called in the police station this week for a voluntary interview , I've never. Been so scare in all my life ,and I'm in such a state I'm so so worried now ,I never ever thought I was doing anything wrong , I've given the police my brokers number and email , they ask me about a salary letter ,which has been discovered that my partner wrote on instructions. Of the broker from my employer saying that I was to be promoted and have a salary increase ,which she did not write and she has told the company she did not , the broker told me at the beginning of the application that it was fine don't worry. , I feal we gave been totally miss lead , why would I want to put my life and my daughters lives in jeopardy fir this !!! And our futer , now my partners is going in to be quiet iond and he could loose his job that he loves dearly , please help I'm so scard !
JACUSTOMER-tufupizu- : Hi are you ther ? Please help me I'm in such a mess ,and I didn't know I was doing wrong
JACUSTOMER-tufupizu- : Hi are u ther ?
Alex Watts : What is the value of the mortgage? Did you sign the application knowing it was wrong?
JACUSTOMER-tufupizu- : 235,000. No I did not know it was wrong because the adviser told us it was ok because we rent the money combined to afforded it
JACUSTOMER-tufupizu- : Ernt the money combined ,he told us that it was ok because the main thing was to be able to afford it and it was just a differnt way round of doing it . I did not know I was doing wrong and I had a adviser doing it for me
JACUSTOMER-tufupizu- : The adviser told me what to do I ment
Alex Watts :

Ok, who is investigating you. the Police?