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I need help/advice on a child protection issue

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My daughter and her son (my Grandson) are part of a child protection Core group plan currently looking into his current and future care due to past domestic abuse and neglect. As part of this protection plan my daughter has to be supervised when caring for her son, who is 2, and his paternal grandmother is the agreed supervisor/carer and they were both resident at her address, enabling this to happen as agreed. Recently she made my daughter leave, leaving herself in a position where she had to look after and care for my grandson on her own and then made it very difficult for my daughter to have any time with her son, going against the terms of the agreement. She is has also been assessed recently due to medical issues as to her suitability for this, no decision has yet been made, however she has seen fit to renegue on the agreement in place and insist that I take over the care of my grandson without any consultation with the other stakeholders (the core group who include social service, health visitors etc). This is despite 2 forthcoming scheduled meetings with social services where her concerns could have been raised and discussed I have not agreed to any changes but she left me no option but to take my daughter and grandson into my care , effectively throwing him out of her house too! I , due to work, am unable to give the supervision expected and this has now increased the risk of my grandson being taken into care by the authorities; a situation nobody wants to get to. I am now being bombarded with text messages from both her and my grandsons father which are full of unreasonable demands and paranoid statements I would like to know where I stand on this, particularly in relation to: ***** ***** paternal grandmother reneging on the child protection plan - Me barring her from contacting me and having any further contact with my daughter and her grandson - Challenging the services on this and forcing some action to assist my daughter getting help with social housing for her and her son Thanks

Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
What is the concern over your daughter's care of the child?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


He is part of an ongoing protection plan set up by local authority for reasons of neglect. Her partner was cultivating drugs, caused a house fire and was convicted for this but got community service. They are now estranged and undergoing regular meetings with the authorities. I am part of the Core group support network.

Thanks again

Is there a time scale for when your daughter will be able to care for the child fully again?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Not really - there is a meeting of all professionals on 10th December to decide whether or not the protection order should stay in place or not, so I guess we will take it from there..


Thank you for that
In that case the answer to your queries is as follows.
1. The paternal grandmother was entitled to withdraw support if she wished to do so
2. You are fully entitled to say that you no longer wish to have contact with her - and express your reservations about her seeing your daughter - but you cannot stop her having contact with the child if Social Services believe it is appropriate
3. The issue of social housing cannot be addressed until your daughter is deemed capable of caring for the child alone
I should also mention that if your daughter does not have a Solicitor then she shoudl find one - she is entitled to free legal aid on this issue
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