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I have been advised by the police to talk to a solicitor as

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I have been advised by the police to talk to a solicitor as I am having difficulties with my estranged mother. She is currently severely dependent on alcohol and prescription drugs and has been ringing my mobile and place of work giving threats, she has been continually driving past my house slowly and looking in (although not doing anything, is making me feel quite uneasy), I still allow her and my father to have access to my son but the last few times he has come back he has commented how 'mummy is bad and he is better living with grandma' he has also mentioned how grandma is talking funny..i am just wondering if there was anyway to stop the threats and driving past my house. in addition, in the interest of safety of my son can I stop her seeing him until she gets the necessary help? she has threatened to go to social services or the courts to get access and I am afraid of what my son may be subject to as a result
Thanks in advance
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
What action have the police taken?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I only rang the police today and they are coming out this evening to take a statement but they advised on the telephone to see what I can do from a solicitors perspective - they did mention a PIN notice (?) or a non-molestation order

Thank you.
The first thing they should be doing is giving her a harassment warning. That doesn't do anything about child contact but it does stop her loitering outside your house and making other attempts to contact you.
To be wholly honest, I wouldn't waste your energy on non-molestation order at this time. They don't do anything that harassment warning would not, they do cost unless you are unemployed and frankly I'm not sure you are describing grounds here. This is just simple harassment and the police should be warning her.
I understand the concern that the police have and that is this. Sadly, most harassment are a load of nonsense. I am afraid that the majority are reported by people who are quite frankly seeking attention and using the police to mediate family disputes. The reason the police are very keen to encourage you to get other orders is essentially that they want to be sure that you are properly motivated to bring an end to this relationship. That doesn't mean that you have to.
She could apply for contact. Grandparents don't have many rights and if she presents as a person dependent on drugs or alcohol then the court will not want her to be in contact with your son otherwise than in a very supervised setting. Usually people who have dependency issues cannot be bothered with making an application anyway.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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