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Are you going to help me with an answer what I should do apartfrom

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Are you going to help me with an answer what I should do apartfrom spending a lot of money for a couple of questions?
Alex Hughes : My name is***** and I'm happy to help with your question today. I need to ask you some preliminary questions to be able to help you.
Alex Hughes : You mentioned 900SFR. So is this an international claim?
JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

Dear Sir

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

I am swiss and this man damaged my swiss car, so therefore I had sent a swiss estimate which I have sent to his insurance company Haven Insurance. I need an acknowledgement from this insurance company to get my car repaired. I am not sure what else I can do now, especially as they do not even answer my letters. My own swiss insurance company told me to claim of this taxi drivers insurance as the accident occurred in GB.

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

The estimate for repairing the damage due to the careless taxi driver driving into my parked car is approximately 900 swiss francs.

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

All details have been sent to haven insurance starting in July 2014 but I never had a reply or any correspondence from them. My claim is just beeing ignored.

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

What do you suggest I should do now?

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

Thank you in advance for your advice.

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

yours sincerely

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

M Pedrotti

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :


Alex Hughes : I am in England and deal with English Law. I don't know why the question has been referred to me. I will see if someone who deals with European Law can help you.
JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

Sorry, I don t understand you. I expect you have not read the beginning of my questions. A taxi driver from Plymouth, Devon dove into my car. He is insured with haven insurance company in england. What has it do do with european law?

Alex Hughes : I have not seen any other letter that you may have posted. The only information is what you've mentioned above.
Alex Hughes : Why is your insurer not dealing with this claim?
Alex Hughes : If his insurance company will not enter into any reasonable discussion with you about settlement then you need to send them a letter stating that you will commence legal action. Give them 14 days to respond and then sue in the County Court in England. The claim can be made online but the proceedings will have to be in England if the incident happened here.
Alex Hughes : I can help you through all the steps and have sent you an offer of additional services which you will receive shortly.
Alex Hughes : But the bot***** *****ne is that if the insurance company is not responding the next step is to comment legal action. You can do this without a solicitor to keep the costs down.
Alex Hughes : Your letter will have to comply with the Pre Action Protocol under the Civil Procedure Rules and you will need to state your case clearly. Proceedings cannot be commenced until 14 days have elapsed from sending that letter.
JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

Thank you sir, I will write one more recommended letter to Haven Insurance stating that I will commence legal acton and will give them 14 days to respond.

JACUSTOMER-grml3vbn- :

Would you please let me know hat a pre action protokoll under the civil procedure Rule looks like or where I can geht it from? At the moment I am visiting my witness to this accident in London Blackheath. Perhaps I can pick up some documents from this area?

Alex Hughes : I am happy to look at any draft before you send it, if you wish.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Here is my last e mail to Haven Insurance for your approval and hope they will respond now.

to *****@******.***

Hsstx(###) ###-####/div>
Dear Madame
On 26th September I have sent you - as you requested to my witness by telephone - 3 photos together with my letter.
It has now been several times that I have informed your insurance company and you about a taxi driver rolling backwards down the hill into my old timer mercedes and damaging the mercedes-star from the grill, for which I am claiming of his insurance. The details of the estimate has already been sent to you twice.
I personally have not heard or received any correspondence from you since this incident on 30.6.2014 and I am informing you that should you not respond until 4th December 2014 I will commence legal actions.
Thank you
yours sincerely
Albisriederstr. XXX
Tel 0041 ********* /div>
Tel 0041 ********* /div>
e mail *****@******.***