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I brought a brand new car from vauxhall in May they had there

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I brought a brand new car from vauxhall in May they had there big main event on which was offering £500 free fuel with all new cars sold . I picked my car up in June it was a different salesmen they informed me my guy had left , so I asked about my fuel card and the salesman told me to wait a month , I waited 2months then contacted vauxhall they said they would look in to it another 4 more calls with no joy I went to there head office complaints department . I've rang them over 6 times and all I'm told is there leaving messages to the director but his not replying , but did find out my oringal salesman was sacked for giving out wrong info to customers , where can I go with this now
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
If you can prove that you were told that you would be given up to £500 in fuel with the purchase at the time of sale and you relied on that information when you decided to buy then you do have a claim against them.
Whether the salesmen gave you incorrect information or not is a non issue. If it was said to you then it was a term of the contract.
If they refuse to agree to pay though then your only option is to sue. There is no other way of forcing them to cover the cost. It is only a small claims court sum so it would be cheap enough to issue.
it is probably a good idea to send them a letter before action first warning them of your intention to sue if they do not pay by X date. That will protect you from costs if you do have to sue them.
Can I clarify anything for you?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Me and my partner went along to there big weekend offers , we didn't get the 0% as my car was not on that offer but the £500 fuel card was I had my partner with me when all this was said and agreed but I have nothing in writing from them