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Hello I need some advice about my partners employment. He

Customer Question

Hello I need some advice about my partners employment.
He was telephoned by his boss and sacked verbally his boss said it is because he has had too much time off.
I have stage 3 Breast cancer and his dismissal came after he had taken time off to support me on the day of surgery (I can explain further as ther are other factors relating to this surgery) he has never taken time off without notifying his day to day boss but when he was sacked he tried to explain to his boss about our circumstances and the reason but the bosses response was my dad had cancer and my wife is not well but I still manage to turn in for work. He also stated "can she not go to hospital on her own?" My partner begged him not to do this but he would not listen.
Since this happened he has tried to get his former boss to meet with us to give us the opportunity to explain and show him my appointment letters but he refuses.
I received my P45 immediately but no letter of termination so I requested one the letter says I have been dismissed because of unauthorised absences and also being under the influence of alcohol despite several warnings. During the telephone call when he was sacked nothing was mentioned about alcohol it was only about having too much time off. In the days after being sacked he spoke to his former boss in attempts to get his job back during a call after being sacked his boss stated to him "no your not coming back, I have since found out stuff I wasn't aware of like stinking of ale on Thursday" no mention of alcohol had taken place before this.
He did not receive a dismissal letter dispite receiving his p45 so we requested one. The dismissal letter states under the influence of alcohol and unauthorised absence as the reason for termination.
He has never just not turned up for work he has always notified the day to day boss in advance.
What can we do we are devastated especially because the reason is to support me because of my diagnosis.
Please advise us
He also does not have a contract or any terms & conditions of employment
He has worked there just over 12months
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Jenny replied 3 years ago.

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today.


I understand that he was not told at the time he was dismissed due to the alcohol reason but does he accept that there was ever an issue of this at work?