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Ash, Solicitor
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hi I already have 3 points I got flashed just under 2 weeks

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hi I already have 3 points I got flashed just under 2 weeks ago doing 47 on a national speed limit road in a hgv and 3 days later in the same place I got flashed doing 48/49 in a hgv then 2 days ago by a mobile van doing 40 in a 30 in a car... iv been driving 6 years and all of a sudden had a bad 2 weeks but no tickets threw yet any advice please
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know do you accept you were speeding?

well I got flashed twice so yes

Alex Watts : Ok, so you will have 9 points, is that right?
Alex Watts : or does this car one make it 12?

no if they all come threw I will have 12

Alex Watts : ok. You need to wait to see if it comes through. If it does you will have to go to court and the court will decide whether you should be disqualified.
Alex Watts : The only chance is if you can show exceptional hardship


Alex Watts : that is hardship which is exceptional will be on you or those that relies on you, such as family or I'll parents
Alex Watts : But it is not just hardship it must be exceptional.

what if I drive for a liveing

Alex Watts : If the court grants this then you will have 12 months which means one more ticket and you will be disqualified for sure.
Alex Watts : 12 points.
Alex Watts : The fact that you drive for a living is not enough,
Alex Watts : You need to show that your family would lose their home if you got sacked and couldn't drive etc.
Alex Watts : But if you get exceptional hardship you can't use the same excuse for the next 3 years.
Alex Watts : So one more ticket and that would be it
Alex Watts : You would be disqualified.
Alex Watts : but if you are disqualified you would get a clean licence back with zero points
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

what about my dad is disabled and between me and my brother we are on his insurance to drive him about and im in the forces would that make a difference

Alex Watts : no.
Alex Watts : Only if you need to drive your disabled dad places

how long would the ban be for roughly

Alex Watts : Then it may, but he will need to attend court to give evidence for yo.
Alex Watts : @ you @
Alex Watts : you need to show hardship to you, or those that rely on you. That is the test
Alex Watts : Does that help?

if I didn't get a ban how long would the 12 points be on for

Alex Watts : 3 years or when the oldest points drop off.
Alex Watts : So you could be driving for 12 points for 3 years.
Alex Watts : so you need to be very very careful

would I loose my hgv and coach and just keep my cat b

Alex Watts : You would just be banned for 6 months, but once that was up back to normal.
Alex Watts : And if not banned, it would be the same.
Alex Watts : But you should get representation for any hearing, this will allow you the best chance

iv herd I loose my cat c+e and cat d after 7 points so that is good news I don't... but sounds it could be worth takeing a 6 month ban instead of 3 years with 12 points

Alex Watts : It's a matter for you, I can't say what's the best option for you.

thank you for your help 1 last thing is it true they need to come threw within 14 days

Alex Watts : yes. The NIP needs to come within 14 days.
Alex Watts : otherwise out of time

can I detest it if its over 14 days

Alex Watts : yes.
Alex Watts : It will be out of time

thank you for your help

Alex Watts : Can I clairfy anything else for you?

no I think its just a waiting game now thank you though

Alex Watts : indeed. Can I help with anything else today?

no thanks

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