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Hello I am very anxious as my husbands step mother died yesterday

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Hello I am very anxious as my husbands step mother died yesterday , she was widowed a number of years ago and left of course the estate in my father in laws will . My husband went through a period in his adult life of living in another country and was estranged for a while as felt unloved and 'not belonged ' . He and his sister immediately received a tidy sum of money soon after passing of his father (my husband) my mother in law (step mother) would not let my husband see his dying father after flying out from South Africa . I have always found that hard to swallow and am now frightened that he will be left out of the will . I the latter years my husband returned to the uk and has made every effort to close the gap . My sister in law and cousin ( husband side ) are executors of the will which I believe is being executed today . My question is when will my husband be allowed to know if he is a beneficiary or not as fear if not how much emotional damage this may cause him .

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It is the Executors duty to notify all beneficiaries of their due entitlement in a reasonable amount of time. As your husband's stepmother died only yesterday, it would be normal for the Executors to sort out the funeral first, and then contact the beneficiaries, and this would be deemed reasonable.

On a general point, a Will is a private document, and can only be seen by the Executors and beneficiaries. However, the Will becomes a public document onceProbate has been granted. (Probate is required if the Estate is over £5-10,000).

Depending on th ecomplexity of the Estate, Probate is normally issued 3-6 months after the date of death. A copy of the Will can then be applied for via Leeds Probate Registry.

I hope this helps and set sout the position to you.

Kind Regards


Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you , also my husband says that he knows his father would have made specific instructions in his will , would his step mother be able to ignore this within her own .

Hi Tina,

Thanks for your reply.

Any monies/estate left in your Husband's estate to his wife would have been hers to do with as she pleased. Therefore, legally, there is no guarantee that she will have put in her Willthose specific instructions that your father in law had requested.

Kind Regards


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