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I have been falsely accused of bullying due by an employee

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I have been falsely accused of bullying by an employee who is clearly using this to hide poor performance and uncompleted work, all of which can be evidenced. all my communications have been professional and offering support. However, when I ask the employee to evaluate their approach to any project work, the employee cries bullying. I have asked the employee to escalate their concern of my bullying then the claim stops. I have volunteered the detail of the accusation to my line manager who doesn't want to investigate the matter in fear it will reflect poorly on him. Although I want to support my employee, this recurring culture of making accusations is unacceptable and I would like to stop it. Any guidance would be appreciated.

You cannot allow this cycle to continue as it impacts on your ability to manage this individual and may, ultimately , affect your ability to do your job.
I would take 2 steps. The first is to do a written report to your line manager explaining the situation. I would state that at this stage you are not asking that any action is taken but that you are simply drawing the situation to their attention.
Regarding the individual, the next time they try it and the cycle is repeated, namely , they make the accusation , you ask for justification , they back off, that you inform them that if they ever do it again you will take out a grievance against them with your employer for repeated unjustified accusations. Every employer must have a proper grievance procedure and you are just as entitled to use it in relation to untrue allegations as the next employee.
I hope this helps. If there are any further points please reply
Best wishes
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