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Hi, I kept something deeply personal and private from my

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I kept something deeply personal and private from my employee and lied about the reason why I needed time off to attend to this matter. It was a week each time on 5 occasions that I lied have been found out and I have now told my employer ( HR) the truth after they did some investigation into my private life into what I had been telling them. On top of everything else I have been genuinely ill and had long periods of sick off in the last year backed by medical certificates and suffer from leg swelling condition that makes it near impossible to walk on when symptoms strike. I have been to Occupational health and adjustments were agreed and made, but I could not always adhere to them because of the nature of my job. My Bradford Factor on sick alone is just over 5000. I have been with the Company since the since 28th June 2013. Since June of this year whenever I go off sick or take time off the Company does not pay me. My contract re SSP says one thing and their practice or interpretation of the contract is completely different from what it actually says and means. Though this is not the issue. The company started an investigation in to my lies without confronting or discussing this with me first. They just acted on their suspicions and presented evidence to disprove one of my lies and I confessed about the rest and revealed why I did what I did. I became emotionally distressed and stressed after this and then was invited to attend my first disciplinary for Gross Misconduct and Dismissal could be an outcome of this meeting. I could not face having to sit in front of two people who I do not now and reveal my inner most secrets and what I consider to be private family stuff, although I did confide in the HR person who carried out the investigation because I knew her. Everything I said had been documented. Some of my lies were based on truths or exaggerated versions of the truth that even I forgot that they did not actually happen when I said they had happened and I had to retract some of my original statement. However, I handed my resignation via letter in with immediate effect lat Wednesday along with my pass and left without telling anyone. I have since had a phone call to tell me that the Disciplinary did not go ahead and that they were sorry to receive my resignation letter, but would be willing to give me a five day cooling off period to return and go through the Disciplinary process. If you need to know the reason why I lied this has to remain private and not be published on the internet. From a legal stand point where do I stand. If I do not go back I know I will not get a reference letter that will reflect well on me. Should I go back and face the disciplinary from a legal stand point. Has my company done something wrong in causing all this distress and emotional upset?

Hello my name is ***** ***** I am happy to help you today.


How long have you worked there for?

JACUSTOMER-wfs8cb9b- :

one year 4.5 month

JACUSTOMER-wfs8cb9b- :

If you need more information let me know


Without you revealing too much about the reason for the lie or nature of it which I understand you want to remain private was it anything to do with your leg condition?

JACUSTOMER-wfs8cb9b- :

No - it was to do with my mother in the first instance and my brother in the second instance. They both live with me and are on disability - I am my mums primary carer.

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