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Hi, my friend is from Poland. He has lived in Jersey UK before

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Hi, my friend is from Poland. He has lived in Jersey UK before but returned to his own country.
In 2006, in Jersey, he was involved in a fight, punched a man and caused some damage which required an operation. The man was not insured (Jersey has social security and health insurance). My friend was arrested, they charged him and said that the must go to court.However, he left Jersey and went home. Six months later he went back to Jersey and he received a call from the police asking him to go in for a chat with them. He left Jersey that day and hasn't returned since.
He has been in England recently and now wants to know whether there is a warrant for his arrest in England/Britain. We phoned a local police station and they said that there is nothing on the system. However, recently he was stopped in Dover and his details showed that there was something on the system from 2006, however, they let him leave the country.
Do crimes in Jersey automatically update onto the England and Wales police database? Is Jersey a separate criminal system?
If there is no arrest warrant for him on the police database is he safe to come into the UK? Is there a way of finding out for sure?
I realise this is not an advisable position to be in but we would still appreciate any advice.
Many thanks.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
I presume he has not handed himself into Jersey police?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No he hasn't. He left Jersey and went to Poland.

Jersey is a separate jurisdiction. The UK police will not arrest him here for a warrant in Jersey.
However, traditionally the UK police have been willing to co-operate with other authorities and may well give information to the Jersey authorities allowing them to arrest.
Of course, he may not come to the attention fo the UK police and then it would not arise but it is a risk that cannot be ignored. If he is picked up for anything in the UK then they probably would tell the Jersey authorities if they are aware of the warrant.
Whether they will be aware of the warrant depends. In principle jurisdictions do share details of arrest warrants with each other but it is fair to say that is a very optimistic view of the efficiency of this type of thing.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


thanks for your response. That's useful to know.

I just phoned St Helier Police Station in Jersey and they said that he would only be arrested if he lands in Jersey. The UK mainland wouldn't know about his arrest warrant in Jersey and unless it was very serious like Murder. They said they wouldn't have the money to chase/arrest him in another country in order to proceed with a less serious case such as his. So I think he is probably ok to be in the UK.

Also do you know if arrest warrants time-out (for want of a better phrase) at any point? It has been 8 years since the offense?

Many thanks

Yes, that is right basically but you can never rely on it. It is quite unlikely they will be particularly well organised but there is a risk.
Warrants don't time out but they do withdraw them sometimes.
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