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Hi Aston, I am a bit confused as to what my right's are .My

Customer Question

Hi Aston, I am a bit confused as to what my right’s are .My parents had 6 children and I am the 2nd a girl . My mum brought us to uk in 1967 , as I was only 17 I stared going to college. A year later my parents opened a shop, I had to stop my studies and was made to work in the shop, with my parents. My elder brother was in University and all the others were still in school. A few years later my younger sister who is 2 years younger to me was made to do the same. I worked there for 5 years without any wages, after 5 years I was married, my husband and I worked in the shop for about a year. We left after a year as my husband was not happy with my family’s behaviour towards him. After we left, my dad was put under a lot of pressure from the 3 youngest children to cut all ties with me. He used to keep in touch, he used to come and see without the family knowing. He was a very weak person ,he used to say to me that he is very sorry and that he is trying to keep peace in the family .My 2 daughters do not know that they have grandparents.. Than my younger sister got married, but she stayed in the shop with her husband for 7to 8 years, no wages were paid to them, only food and lodging and a bit of pocket money. After a few years my younger sister and her husband got the same treatment as me. My mum was a control freak, she wanted her way or no way and my dad always used to give in. My elder brother after finishing Uni married a white girl, it was against my mum’s wishes, so she cut him out of her life, she cut me out of her life because I listened to my husband and left the business. This is the first 2 children out of the way. During this time the both the younger boys got married according to mum’s wishes, their wives took control, they saw that out of 6 children 3 are out and they started manipulating the in laws to control the wealth. The 6th child is a girl, she did what she wanted to, never worked in the business, finished her studies and got married. Whenever I saw my dad at a family function, his eyes would be on me, as he was talking to me, but was afraid that his sons would find out. I not know how my brothers treated my parents , because my parents lived on their own and would ask their neighbours to help if they needed anything, but not their own sons. The boys would come and check if they rang or got any calls. I went with my sister to see our parents ,but they were too scared to open the door. My mum and dad both suffered from dementia. Last December my dad passed away, we were not told about it, we found out later from a family friend, when I rang, they told mum not to talk to me. My sister and I were not allowed to go there. We did not attend the funeral. From what I have heard is that my parents had a number of properties worth millions, some my brothers have transferred in their names and some are still in my mum’s name. Whatever is in mum’s name they are trying somehow to get hold off. Please advise if there is anything I can do. Thanks Gud

Hi, I have been waiting since morning for a reply, are you having any problems understanding.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law