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My local post office also has a hairdresser who is employed

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My local post office also has a hairdresser who is employed by the owner.
He is selling up and retiring in Feb 2015. The hairdresser who is employed by him has been asked to stay in a empty building on her own till the end of Feb 2015, simply because of his lease terms with the local council for the building.
Is this correct can he tell her to be in the building on her own just because of his lease with the council?
Charlie wouldn't give you a paper clip for nothing...
I think she is being used, just because it suits him..
Thank you for your question.
What are the lease terms to which you refer?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

She is just a simple Payme, with Charlie he is the post master and tenant under North Lanarkshire Council.

Charlie has sold the Post Office side over the local shop.

I found out yesterday that Charlie has told Carolann who is employed in the side room as a hairdresser to stay in the premises on her own until the lease has ended, at the end of Feb 2015. (Between Him and the local Council)
He said she has to do this or she will not receive her redundancy money.

She is not self employed with him, he did employ her as a trained hairdresser. But in effect the building will be closed as a post office.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry Carolann is a simple PAYEE as a hairdresser as long as the Post Office is open for Business.

She has never been in the premises as a Hairdresser without the Post office side not open.

Charlie is simply telling her to be here in the premises on her own because his lease does not end till the END FEB 2015.
Post Office side will be totally cleared out.
He has told her she has to do this so she will receive her redundancy pay..???

In othe words the premises have to be occupied but he's wound down and ceased the post office business.
The answer to your question is that, as your friend is employed, she has to follow the Instructions of her employer. Unless there is anything in any contract of employment to say that the post offoce business has to be there (which there won't be) he is entitled to ask her to work until such time as he has to make her redundant.
She can leave of her own accord but that wouldn't be in her interests if she is going to be made redundant when the lease comes to an end.
Unfortunately, I think she is stuck with it until February.
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