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My mother-in -law is threatening my husband and myself

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My mother-in -law is threatening my husband and myself with a court access to my daughter who is 5 years or age. We are in a terrble family dispute, particuarly with regards ***** ***** and we are not getting on very well at all we have not denied her access to see my daughter its just that we ahave had fairly busy time and my little girl has had chicken pox etc. she says she has emails and texts to use as evidence, but i have these too and they just mention her bullying about money to us. she has also threatened to go and visit my parents and give them a hard time about me. I worry about this as my mum has a heart condition. My question is that can my mother-in - law force us to go in front of a judge so she can have access to my daughter even though it is her that is threatening us and causing all the problems in the first place I am quite distressed as it has been difficult to communicate with her about the matter. Thank you for any help and advice you can give me.

We are based in the UK and not in the States.

Thank you for your question.
My name is Clare
I will do my best to help you but I need some further information first.
What contact has she had with the child in the past - and what is she now asking for?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Thank you for your reply. This morning my Husband and I have had a meeting with my mother-in-law with a witness a friend of hers. It was quite a heated discussion because she has been causing a lot of stress regarding money issues and we need to talk about this issues as it is the main reason for all the trouble in the first place. we then discussed access to my daughter. We explained that we had not denied her access to see her up until she was causing us more stress we said no on one particular occaision because the situation is effecting my little girl. as her mother I needed to think of her well being and happiness not mother-in-laws demands! She is asking to see reguarly possibly weekly we have said it depends on timescales as we work and she is at school and when she does see my daughter its with both my husband and myself present. Thats what has been agreed now.

Can I ask for a refund of the £38 as I found myself the information to the question I wanted to know. I didn't and still havent had a reply from you answering my question.

I have not given the full answer yet and Grand Parents have no automatic right to contact - indeed they do not even have an automatic right to apply for contact and accordingly the matter is decided on whether or not the existing relationship between the child and the grand parent is so close that it is in the interests of the child for it to continue.
If your mother in law always saw the child once a week for a day or a night then it is likely that a court would feel that contact of some sort should continue.
If she generally saw her once a fortnight or so when you all went round then whilst some ongoing contact might be appropriate it is likely to be once a month with you and your husband present - that is why I asked the question
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