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My daughter who was 21 in Oct renewed her car ins on the 18

Customer Question

My daughter who was 21 in Oct renewed her car ins on the 18 Oct with xxxxx for £986.36 who she has always insured through for the last 3 years. She got her standard renewal notice and checked the comparison website before going with Bells. 2 weeks later she received a letter from them stating 'a check of your policy details against our system records has highlighted a discrepancy in the details you gave us. The information suffers to that recorded on another quote with us or another company within the same group. Your motoring conviction has been amended. We have added your driver awareness course details to your. They then ask for another £440.53.' She spoke to Bells and sent copies of her licence to show she had not got any points on her licence and did not know that she had to declare it as she had not incurred points, this is purely a lack of understanding on her part. What I want to know is do we have to pay this additional premium, at the moment we have stopped the payment coming out of her bank to check, please can you advise me Mrs jeanette xxxx

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : For now have the insurance company been spoken to in order to clairfy the position?
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : Yes she told them that she did not know she had to declare the awareness course as she had not got any points in her licence, I also would not have declared it either, are we both stupid, or is this a lesson learned not to go in comparison sites because she was only checking and it asked her how many points she had got so presumed it was information that was my needed
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : They did go away and look into it but just sent another letter saying they were deduction the money, so sending a copy of the clean driving licence made no difference.
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : Sorry you said you have answered my law question, but what I want to know if they are wrong to ask for this amount when she did not know she was doing anything wrong by not telling Bells
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : You have still not answered my questions, have a made a huge mistake here by paying money?
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : Are you able to help me otherwise I want my money back..... Sorry
Alex Watts : Sorry I was on the train
Alex Watts : what is the exact question they ask re convitions or points?
Alex Watts : What is the question on the inaurance document?
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : My daughter cannot remember what the website said but Bells told her she had ticked the box disclosing a conviction . What do you mean by the question in the insurance document
Alex Watts : What is the queation regaling conviction? I need to know exactly what it says.
Alex Watts :

Are you there?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : My daughter was caught on camera as the lights changed to red, she was within the speed limit . She received from the Sussex Police
Alex Watts :

She received a Notice of Intended Prosecution, is that right?

Alex Watts :

Which offered her a fixed penalty (and points) or the course?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : 3 choices Option 1 to attend a Bationak Driver Offender retraining scheme which she did and it says if you attend and complete the course the matter will be finalised and the conditional offer if fixed penalty will be withdrawn
Alex Watts :

Ok - so she did NOT get a fixed penalty then, you would agree?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : . Your driving licence will NOT be endorsed .
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : 2 accept the conditional offer of fixed penalty
JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : 3 request a court hearing
Alex Watts :

Yes. But now what the insurance company asked is very important.

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : is this the information you wanted
Alex Watts :

Did they ask have you ever had a conviction or fixed penalty

Alex Watts :

Or did they ask have you ever had a notice of intended prosecution?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : At the top of the form it says
Alex Watts :


JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : offer of driving retraining course or conditional offer of fixed penalty, she cannot remember if it was mentioned but they were going to replay the conversation so I expect she did not mention it, as she did not think she had to as there was no further action after the course
Alex Watts :

Ok - you need to know what exactly the question was asked.

Alex Watts :

This is very imporant

Alex Watts :

If they asked fixed penalty or conviction she is ok

Alex Watts :

If they asked for fixed penalty, conviction OR NIP she is not ok

Alex Watts :

What you need to do is write and complain. The course is NOT a conviction or fixed penalrt

Alex Watts :


Alex Watts :

They will go and investigate it and report back to you

Alex Watts :

If you disagree with the outcome you can go to the Ombudsman

Alex Watts :

They are free, independent and can examine the complaint at:

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : So you think we need to speak to Bell and see if the question was asked and that my daughter did not tell them, unfortunately we did not think it was a conviction because she was not given pints on her licence
Alex Watts :

Its not a conviction

Alex Watts :

Its not a fixed penalty

Alex Watts :

I think she will be fine

Alex Watts :

Does that help?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : I have a number for the Financial Conduct Authority 0800(###) ###-####should I ring them tomorrow? And ring Bells to tell them what advice I have been given, or is that not necessary
Alex Watts :

I would not contact Bells - they are clearly in the wrong

Alex Watts :

There is no fixed penalty or conviction - but they just dont see that

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : Ok thank you for that, will I be phoning the right p
Alex Watts :


Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything else for you?

JACUSTOMER-ykoh2jpk- : thank you for your help I will ring them tomorrow , sorry to be bothering you so late thank you again
Alex Watts :

No problem

Alex Watts :

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Alex Watts :

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