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I am looking at the possibility of buying a UK Ltd Company

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I am looking at the possibility of buying a UK Ltd Company who provide fishing holidays in France. Is it okay that they are UK registered, or should they be French registered. Obviously we would prefer not to be French registered. There turnover is below the UK VAT threshold, if that makes a difference. We presume it would be like ***** *****, so would be okay, but wanted to check anyway.
Thank You.
There is no requirement to be registered in France as long as they are UK registered under EU freedom of movement of goods, services and people, the UK company is free to provide holidays in France.
May I help further?
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How do I check that they are registered under EU freedom of movement of goods, services and people. I know that they are registered at companies house for England and Wales. Is this something that can be added to a companies registration, and does it cost much to do, or take much time?



As long as it is UK registered, it is fine.
The EU freedom of movement is enshrined in legislation.
You need to check that the company has the relevant fishing permits in France, see here for further information on the local permits
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi JA,

Thank you again. With regards ***** ***** Fishing Permits we are told that these do not apply to Private Waters/Lakes that are enclosed with fences, only open waters and rivers. Can you confirm that this is correct??

Thank You.



I cannot advise on French law so you will need to check whether this is correct with a local French lawyer.

All the best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


One final question I hope.

The fishing holidays that the UK reistered company supply to, are to their own French Private Lakes, that they own within the company, not to a French owned company. Does this make any difference to the status of the registration, by that I mean whether it is okay to remain a UK registered company, or should it be French registered. The customers are 99% English.

Thank You.


It should not matter that it is an English registered company due to the EU freedom of services rules advised previously.

All the best