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Why would a solicitor advise an innocent client to plead guilty

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Why would a solicitor advise an innocent client to plead guilty to a charge in order to ensure a reduced sentence and how wd such a decision this impact on the record of a young person's record in future? What would be the best course of action to establish if this was good or bad advice? We are in Ayrshire Scotland.
Thank you for your question.
A solicitor will advise a client to plead according to the evidence. In other words if the evidence against the client is overwhelming then the solicitor will advise that the chances of the client being acquitted are poor. However, if the client advises the solicitor that he is innocent, the solicitor should not advise the client to plead guilty.
A plea of guilty can remain on the persons record for life and can impact on future job prospects and sometimes on family life.
From what you say the evidence here was not overwhelming, however, the best and only course of action to determine whether this was good or bad advice is to have the first solicitor's file and the Crown evidence examined by an experienced criminal lawyer.
Happy to discuss further.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your reply which rather confirms my own concerns. How should we go about finding a reliable and experienced criminal lawyer in our area with whom to have further discussion? Regards A

You can use the Find A Solicitor tool at or you can call the Law Society. Get someone who is qualified at least 20 years and is an accredited specialist in criminal law or a solicitor advocate.