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I wasn't sure this fitted in to this or debt category but I

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I wasn't sure this fitted in to this or debt category but I am being told by the person that I have committed a crime. I am shaking I am so scared.
I joined an escorting agency as I need money to pay towards my debts. I spoke to a men in my area who asked me to meet him, I agreed but for reasons beyond my control I was unable to do so. I spoke to him and asked if he could pay me £100 up front and I would meet him after but again I was unable to do so.
I spoke to him again the following week, apologised and promised to meet him again at some point. I told him that I was desperate for money to pay my debt and asked if he would lend me £600 but in return I would meet him for the weekend and give up escorting. He agreed and transferred the money to me. That evening I logged in to my escorting profile and he immediately responded, saying he had seen I was back online. It really scared me and I therefore decided that I couldnt do it. I told him that I couldn't but I would repay him the money I owed in full on the 28th. He said that if I didn't he would go to the police and have me for prostitution, theft and fraud.
I want to pay him back, £100 a month and more if I can. Would this be allowed? I don't think I have committed a crime as I didn't sell myself, I didn't lie about who i was and he did willingly transfer me the money. i'm only 24, i don't want my life ruined by some stupid mistake.
I do have every intention of paying him back.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please just clairfy that he was paying for your time, not for sex itself?

I didn't mention sex. I told him I would spend the weekend with him.




Are you there?



Alex Watts : Ok. I am on and offline as on the train.
Alex Watts : i assume you did intend to spend time with him?

Sorry no problem. I did and I thought that I could have but I was really scared by his controlling nature. Like he told me i had to be off the site for six months AFTER the loan.


I just want to know how I should proceed with this really?


Having a panic attack here :( I don't want all my friends, family and employers knowning. It was a really stupid mistake. He implied that he wanted a relationship with me too, so I can't help but feel that he's angry about that too,

Alex Watts : You don't need to panic. It's a civil issue.
Alex Watts : Its not prostituion because you were being paid for time, not sex.
Alex Watts : Second you had intended to go through with the deal when you struck it. Therefore it can't be fraud. Just because you change your mind later does not make it fraud.
Alex Watts : It is only if you had no intention from the outset of going through with the deal and took the money would it be fraud.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Thank you. What would the police do if he went to them? i don't want my family to know. I don't want the police turning up on my door.

Alex Watts : they would say it's civil

sorry so just for reassurance, one last thing, would the police even investigate it? Would they come to my house?

Alex Watts : The police could but it would be unlikely.
Alex Watts : Does that help?

How would you advice that I proceed? Is it worth me contacting him to try and arrange a repayment plan?

Alex Watts : I would do that. He could issue a small claim and you would not be able to offer any real defence.
Alex Watts : But yes contact and say You wish to repay the money, that would help.

Ok then. Thank you.

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