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Hi. I have had to claim working tax credits which i hate doing.

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Hi. I have had to claim working tax credits which i hate doing. I worked as an avon rep but let it slide unintentionally due to the stress of a particularly acrimonious divorce and stressful house move. I didn't tell the dwp that i had let the avon thing slide and am now having my claim investigated. Im worried i might go to prison. I was claiming like this for ten months and have recently restarted my avon job. Any advice on what i should do. I have written to the dwp saying if i have done something unintentionally wrong, i will co operate and if they think it necessary, i will repay anything back.
Alex Watts :

Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.

Alex Watts :

for now please let me know how much they are saying you were overpaid?

Customer: Hi. They haven't yet.just advised me they are looking into it as they think i wasn't entitled.
Alex Watts :

OK - if you have failed to declare any change then this is an offence.

Alex Watts :

It may be that it makes no difference at all to your entitlement but it may

Alex Watts :

If it does then you will owe what has been paid to you in an overpayment.

Alex Watts :

Without knowing how much this is, it is hard to advise.

Alex Watts :

Under £5000 you are likely to get a caution.

Alex Watts :

Over £5000 and you are likely to go to Court.

Alex Watts :

Anything under £40,000 you are likely not to risk prison

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Customer: It is probably around 2,500 pounds.
Alex Watts :

Ok - you should just get a caution then

Customer: Oh gosh. I've never been in trouble before. I feel so stupid.
Alex Watts :

Yes I can understand

Customer: I won't go to prison then? I am a single mum with two children, one who has arthritis.
Alex Watts :

For £2,500 no for sure

Customer: Gosh. Thank you. Ive had no sleep and not eaten! I will make sure i tell them everything in future.
Alex Watts :

Yes. Can I clarify anything else for you?

Customer: Will it appear in the papers? If yes, can i do anything to stop it?
Alex Watts :

For a caution, no

Alex Watts :

If it went to Court, it could and no you cant stop it

Customer: Ok. Thank you so much.
Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything else for you?

Customer: No thank you. You have been very helpful.
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