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My son lent his laptop to a friend who is a muslim lady and

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My son lent his laptop to a friend who is a muslim lady and she reported to police that he had teen images on his laptop. Police cam to his hotel where he was staying alone at 5.30am and suggested he accompany him. He was put in a cell and they drove 1hour to his house in a DIFFERENT police force region. They took his current and old mobiles as well as keeping laptop. He has held to past midday and bailed to 31st Jan. The lady was his gf but said he was a colleague as he works for a government dept in education this made situation worse. (he is purely office based) He is of very sound good character. Help please worried Dad. I dont know exactly what images are other than my son said teen but not paid for images of legal 18 + but maybe acting younger I know this is important exactly what they are but he has not purchased as underage from site or someone.

Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether the person has been interviewed etc?

yes he went with Police as i stated to Police Station and was interviewed

Alex Watts : Ok. Has he been charged?


Alex Watts : what is it you want to ask of me about this please and I will try to help?
Alex Watts : if the images are not of children or involving animals it is not an offence.
Alex Watts : people watch and have access to porn all the time - that is not illegal.
Alex Watts : It is only where the images are indecent, ie the above is it an offence

what steps should he take and do you feel they overreacted and crossing another forces border to go to his house was that in order?

Alex Watts : if there was a suspected offence then there is no issue with another force investigating. Given the nature of the allegation it is only right that it was investigated
Alex Watts : however he does not need to do anything. I imagine he was bailed to come back whilst they consider the matter
Alex Watts : The laptop will probably be examined.
Alex Watts : but he can not do anything else at this point,
Alex Watts : Can I clairfy anything for you about this today please?

yes I advised to contacted his union in case they contact his employer and that could be serious

Alex Watts : Ok. I would contact the Union as they may be able to represent if he has that cover

I confirm to my knowlege the images are not of under 18 year olds

Alex Watts : Then it will be ok. As I said people look at porn all the time
Alex Watts : As long as no children or animals or torture etc, it will be ok
Alex Watts : But regular porn is ok


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