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HiFollowing on from my previous query, my brother is now

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Following on from my previous query, my brother is now in a process of applying spouse visa.
His wife meets the income limit of £18,600 per annum and has been with same employer since April 2014. She will be submitting her 6 months payslips but I would like to know if she is required to submit her bank statements as well.
I have not come across requirement to submit bank statements unless if she was relying on savings as part of application. The solicitor dealing with application is adamant that the bank statements should be submitted. He is claiming it has been requested as part of appendix to application form (which I cannot find).
He is reluctant to submit her bank statements as the wages was paid in cash and this has not been banked regularly. Even when cash has been deposited, it is not the full weekly wages. In addition, the bank statement is showing a balance of only £3k and he feels it will not serve any purpose.
Could you please advice if it is mandatory to submit the bank statements especially when he is not relying on her savings .

The evidence requirements from salaried employment are as follows:

1) wage slips 6 months; and
2) a letter from the employer confirming the applicant's job, whether permanent or temporary, gross salary, what date employment begun etc.; and
3) personal bank statements showing the amounts indicated in the wage slips having been paid into the bank account.

So I am afraid she is required to mandatorily submit her bank statements as well. If her salary was paid in cash, she is required to deposit the money into the bank account even if she withdraws it on the same day to as to prove that she received what the wage slips say she did.

Hope this helps
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