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Dear Sir, I have found information about your company into

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Dear Sir,
I have found information about your company into the internet and decided to write you.
I will try to explain my situation shortly that you could recognize is it in your jurisdiction or not.
I was granted SET (DV) after calling in the police and was withdrawn them from my husband’s house to refuge.
I tried to organise my live myself during one year after I left marital house. But I found out that life became more difficult for me then staying with abusive partner.
Just some important facts (but actually I have more then these):
- in a refuge I lived with ex-prisoner who assaulted me a lot
- I tried to rent any accommodation myself but without job and very strong depression at that moment it was impossible (I moved around 10 times for 6 months)
- I was transferred to temporally accommodation provided by local authorities but received a letter from them with a request to leave a house during short time period. I have no children and they promised me to provide housing benefits if I find something (making it official). But nobody wouldn't agree accept me without a job (on a benefits) and with depression problems.
Finally I was not were to move and what to do. I was exhausted and without any support much more then I was before living with my husband.
I had no where to go only back to him… what I have done.
But now I am not sure about my immigration status by SET (DV). How is a current situation effect on this?
What will happen if I decided to stay with him (looks like he made a correct conclusion from previous experience and now his behavior better, he tries to change his attitude to me).
It is just a short explanation but I have a lot evidences about all facts written above.
Please, could you recommend something what should I do in this situation now if it is your matter of work.
Thank you,
Kind regards,
Hello Julia,
Once you were granted indefinite leave to remain on the grounds of domestic violence, it would rarely be revoked unless you lied or misrepresented the facts at the time of your application.
In your case, there is nothing which states that you cannot go back to your former abusive partner after you have received settlement on the grounds of domestic violence as it was all true when you applied for settlement.
As such, I would advise you to continue with your life and not worry about your immigration status as it is still intact even though you have moved back in with your ex partner.
May I help further?
UKSolicitorJA and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter.

Is it possible to ask, please what rules, instructions, laws you followed giving me an answer?

If it’s possible to send me any links or references on them it would be very kind.

If not, thank you in any case for you answer.

Kind regards,


This is an online service and not a proper law firm. The answers given are based on my knowledge and experience of the immigration laws.
You may however read this document which sets out some explanation of the process behind revocation
Hope this clarifies and I would be grateful if you leave a review of the service.
UKSolicitorJA and other Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you a lot