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I wanted to retrain back in 2012 and joined the train 2 game

Customer Question

I wanted to retrain back in 2012 and joined the train 2 game scheme. I took a finance deal of £5000 which I pay back back monthly. My aim was to start the course in the autumn once my work quietens down. My current and employment at the time a refrigeration engineer is really hectic during summer months. In the September my fiancées mother got breast cancer. We have a 3yr.old who was cared for much by our family's. This said my partner cared for a.lot for her mum and myself more.for our son leaving no time for any studies. The following march 2013 my fiancee was also diagnosed with breast cancer. Just prior to her chemo we found out she was also pregnant. We had to terminate for the sake of her health and our only son. I never had any time to start any studies and it completely got forgotten about. I have recently contacted the company train 2 game and explained our situation fully. now thankfully both her mother and my fiancce have made full recovery's. During these horrific two yrs our outlook changed and we have both took a step back with our work demands. I received a rare course reminder and contacted the company wishing to be removed from the course and to see of I could claim any of the money back I invested into the course. Where I received a rather blunt response of basically no. I am still paying for the course £135 per month until may/june. I need to know if there is any way I can redeem any of the money I have paid out or have I blown £5000. Please help. ***** *****
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello Scott my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know if Yhere is a contract and what does it say about termination or refund?
JACUSTOMER-c14imgds- :

I am in a finance contract of £5000. I pay £135 per month which I'm due to complete in may\june 2015. The termination for this was 14 days from when I signed upto course.

Alex Watts :

Ok, so you are out of that.

Alex Watts :

Does it say anything about refunds or later termination?

JACUSTOMER-c14imgds- :

with it being a finance company that have funded the course any late terminations have to be agreed with by train 2 game. They say I can leave the course but offer no refunds. They said they can send me the software I would have used for the course but this would only cover a fraction of what I have paid out.

Alex Watts :

Thank you. What do the TERMS of contract say about this?