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I was travelling home with my family and were waiting for a

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I was travelling home with my family and were waiting for a train on the station. Our son who is 6 was excited and looked forward to see, if the train is coming or not. A gentleman standing next to him spoke to him rudely and asked me if he was my son. To which i replied yes and he said he should be taken back as he is getting close to the track. To which i asked him to come back but he was at a reasonable distance from the track anyway and i was standing next to him. Though he was very arrogant and i thanked him but told him that we are aware of his presence and are looking after him. To which he replied you are being negligent and i didn't appreciate the comment, just like any other parent would do. To which he got confrontational and said i don't who am i talking to. He was very arrogant and said he will see me. He threatened and said he can get me arrested for being a negligent parent. Soon, the train arrived and we walked in. He was standing next to me and i could see he even has dialled 999 on his mob but didnt make the call and i kew he is taking it personally. We were quiet for the fulll jouney and unfortunately he got off at the same station, to make the things worst. We came out after him and when leaving the station, saw him standing at the front of the station with a lady. When our eyes met, i tried to pacify the things and with a smile said, hope you are not waiting for me but it had an adverse impact and he got even more agressive and said you don't know what your getting into and said my name is ***** ***** you can go and ask from the local police station about me, in the mean time the lady kept on saying to him, just leave it and lets go. As soon as soon we came out, there was a police van standing and he walked staright to them as he was ahead of us and started talking to them. We waited for few minutes but then started walking as it was really cold. In the meantime one of the police guy came over and asked for my details and said he has complained that i have given a rasict remak, which was not the case at all at any point. I compalined that he was the one who was rude, arrogant and threatning. He said, this is fine as we have his details as well as your details and both of you are saying completely different to what the other is saying but we may get in touch if anything required. I am now worried that what may happen next? please advise, what shoild i do as if he proceeds with this then how can i prove that this is a lie? kind regards
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether the police actually attended?
Customer: The police was present there by chance as they mostly are outside the station. He walked over to them and spoke to them, while they were still seated in the van.
Alex Watts :

OK- what happened as a result, anything?

Customer: They just the contact details from both of us and said will get in touch if anything needed. That is the bit, I'm worried about. Why would they need to get in touch?
Alex Watts :

Ok - I would not worry about it

Alex Watts :

They are unlikely to get in toch

Alex Watts :

* touch *

Alex Watts :

This is just a disagreement. No offence has been committed

Alex Watts :

Please do not worry the Police have more important things to worry about

Alex Watts :

Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Customer: true, it's just that if he hadn't brought in the race card, which is a complete lie and I told the PC that, this is not true and he has no evidence of it.
Alex Watts :

Indeed. But I just would not worry about it, as you say there is no evidence.

Alex Watts :

Its unlikely to go any further. Some people are just nasty.

Alex Watts :

Does that help?

Customer: Thanks, ***** ***** last question. I hope it doesn't give me a criminal record?
Alex Watts :

No not at all.

Alex Watts :

Does that reassure you?

Customer: Thanks Alex. We are good now! Appreciate your time.
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