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Hi, I had to go to a medical centre on a saturday morning,I

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Hi, I had to go to a medical centre on a saturday morning,I am disabled and did not realise my badge had run out.I had no notification from L.B.Newham that new badges took 5 to10 days to arrive by post until I he bklue badge holders are now conected by computers to all London Boroughs .do I have a case for appealling to there office and applied for a new one[expecting to collect on the spot as previously obtained]I paid for the badge during the previous week to the appiontment at the medical centre,so I parked on a joint disabilityand parking permit zone with a large note next to my old badge saying that I had applied and payed for my new badge and was waiting for it to arrive.when I came back to my car an attendant was doing a ticket for my car,I eplained to him my circustances and pionted out the note I left in the car.yesterday I recieved a Notice to Owner and now the penalty has gone up to 130pounds,Ithought that the new legs. meant that attendants could punch into there comps. and find out if badgesare legalor not because
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The local authority has a discretion to cancel the PNC but clearly has not done so. There's little point in trying to take the point any further with them informally.
Your best option is to make formal representations on the notice to owner on the basis that there has been procedural impropriety and unfairness namely that you were entitled to park in the bay, for the reasons you have outlined.
The local authority will probably reject your representations - it's rare for them to give up! So your next step will be to appeal to the Parking Appeal Tribunal.
An adjudicator will review your case free of charge and decide whether the PNC should stand or not. If the adjudicator finds against you, then you will have to pay unfortunately and but this down to a bad experience.
But I can see the point you're making and in my view this is something you should challenge and appeal to the tribunal if necessary.
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