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I am subject to a 15 month non convictional restraining order.

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I am subject to a 15 month non convictional restraining order. I was accused of harassing my husbands mistress when I discovered the affair. It was very unfair of her I visited her home and sent an email to say how devastated I was. But she wouldn't drop it and I pleaded not guilty and went to trial.
For months she has posted distressing comments in social media about me and tried to provoke me into a breach in several occasions but I have bit my tongue and walked by.
My ex and I are at war in the family courts and the judge has ordered that both he and his new bit of skirt must not post on social media about me or my children. Last week the ex verbally threatened me and said his girlfriend was going to have me and put a shovel in my face. She then posted the same threat in Social media without using my name but it was clear the message was intended for me. Please remember this women has portrayed me as the harasser but she has been relentless in her pursuit to cause me distress on social media and through third parties. I have been made to look the bad guy but this is absolutely not the case and she has used the RO to provoke me into breaching on several occasions.
If I report her, what if any is the likely charge/ outcome - she has no previous record. To be honest my family solicitor wants me to report it but I feel it will just cause more conflict.
Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** I will do my best to help you
My first instinct is that you are correct - there is little to be gained from reporting this.
However it may be that your solicitor simply wants there to be a record of her behaviour - and it is possible that the Police will issue a Warning Notice to prevent her continuing this campaign.
On balance however I would wait for the next threat (we both know there will be one) and report that one
Please ask if you need further details
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