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Hi I run a one man UK company based in Oxfordshire writing

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Hi I run a one man UK company based in Oxfordshire writing computer software. One of my clients is in the US and I recently went there for 1.5 weeks work as part of a 9 week contract. The remaining 7.5 weeks work were was done in Oxford UK. I have been told that the US company will be withholding 1.5/9 * 30% of the invoice total as US IRS Withholding Tax. I have been asked to complete from W-8BEN-E to reduce this to 0% (ie. they pay the invoice total, not deduct a wad of cash from it and pay the remainder). I filled in my W-8BEN-E last week but it was rejected as I didn't fill in section 15. I don't know what to put in section 15. Can anyone advise? All I need is the detail to fill in the updated W-8BEN-E and send it back. The link to the W-8BEN-E is here    In my form, I have checked boxes 14a, 14b, and 14c as required in Part III

You need to tick only 14a) and 14b) as 14c) does not apply to your case.
In 14a, you state that you are a resident of the United Kingdom.
In 15, you put down the rate as 0% rate on your income which was for provision of IT services and in the explanation part, state that you, the beneficial owner, are a resident and citizen of the United Kingdom and are a UK taxpayer.
Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi I just noticed that all your information for section 15 above is correct except \"The beneficial owner is claiming the provisions of Article ....." is missing. What is the article number ?

Thank you

Article 12.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.