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This concerns me that is Philip Coley Moore DOB 15/08/37 and

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This concerns me that is Philip Coley Moore DOB 15/08/37 and on 16 november1997 I was married at the Registry Office in Oundle UK! To Rebecca McMullen however at the time I was living at LAMMAS Farm Upper Benefield NR Oundle. The marriage was not consummated as due to an altercation between the Bride and one of my Daughters the bride returned back to California USA and I have had no personal. Contact with her but never considered myself Married! This situation apart from the Intial hurt caused by the impact of what happened has gradually over the years and coupled to the fact I have been developing a hitch Enviromental business and I have been totally immersed in this Mission!
However as I have become engaged and intend to Marry some time in the new Year 2015 as my previous question I want to be sure this "skeleton" in the cupboard will not prevent from the marriage I have commited myself to?
Could you please advise!
Philip Moore

Hi thanks for your question i will assist you with this. I am afraid to say that if you have never divorced or applied to annul this marriage then you cannot marry again without first resolving this previous marriage as in the eyes of the law, you are already married. There are grounds under section 12 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 to void the marriage on the basis of incapacity to consummate the marriage, but I would recommend you obtain legal representation to assist you to do this. Please see this link which is to a government website which explains this and the process fully - If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to come back to me.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks your reply but I understand that on returning to usa the person I married married within a period of 6 months after Levine me here in UK! I had presumed that her action had rendered our marriage Null & Void. Any way ineed to a null this non-marriage can you please advise who can act in this matter please!
Philip Moore ***********
Hi Philip
I cannot advise upon her actions in the USA - but it may be that she has committed an offence.
You should check the records at the registry where you married to actually confirm that this was registered properly and that you are legally married and obtain a copy of the certificate.
In terms of legal representation - I cannot advise who can assist you in this matter, but I would suggest you can find a family lawyer in your local directory or by searching the law society's website to find a lawyer in your area who specialises in family law -
Good luck.