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I was in a relationship gay And we argued one night and I

Customer Question

I was in a relationship gay
And we argued one night and I touch her breast in the agruement never meant anything by it but to calm her down now she gone to police only witness were her kids all under the age off 11 I'm a childminder I'm so worried and scared please help me this happened on the 10th off November
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  LondonlawyerJ replied 3 years ago.

Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience I will try to help you with this.


So this happened on 10th November, when did she go to the police? Do you live together and is the relationship continuing?

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : no we did not live together and we are in Scotland
JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : Im in Scotland we did not live together I think she went to the police on Monday I'm soo scare and upset over this
JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : I was tryin to get out off relationship and we were not together at that time this has all come bout cause I'm seein some1 else male and she sayin I've lied to her

Were you in Scotland when this happened?

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : arbroath
JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : Yes we both stay in Arbroath

I am an English lawyer so my knowledge of Scottish law is poor but I should think that the general asnwsers will be the same here and in Scotland. When did she go to the police?

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : I think she went to the police on Monday

It is odd that she left it for a month. What you should do is stay calm and wait and see what happens. If the police contact you and ask you to come in for questioning you should make sure that when you go you have a solicitor. In no circumstance should you be interviewed without a solicitor. You are entitled to free and independent legal advice if you are to be questioned. Remember the prosecution must prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt. In circumstances like these: end of a relationship, no witnesses, no injuries and a delay in reporting your chances of being found not guilty are good. You should stay calm and wait to see what happens.

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : Her kids were there and she txt me to tell me her daughter saw it all
JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : And yes she very bitter she posted a lot off things on fb bout it which I've got and also a txt sayin she out to destroy me ruin me

They are too young to give evidence for something as minor as this. Keep the fb postings and that text it will completely undermine her credibility as a witness.

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : The girl is 10 years I do admit I did wrong but I've gone thro hell this all cause I did have relationship with her I've not told any1 bout the relationship and now I've started seein a me I got carried away with her just a big mistake she was there for me when my husband and I spilt up

Ok all you can do is sit tight ans wait and see what happens. No 10 year old will be called to give evidence in a case like this and the likelihood is you will not get a conviction. Just make sure you have legal representation if the police contact you.

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : Ok thank you you put my mind at rest thank youn

That is OK, I would be grateful if you would please take the time to rate my answer to you.

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : Sorry it was mum the person I groped is postin things on Facebook

Her mother left the threat to destroy you message? Keep it just the same it is still relevant.

JACUSTOMER-p4sqr3sn- : Yes it was the mother sayin and the mother postin things on fb bout me I'm gay and I've admit to all

Don't admit anything, unless on advice by a lawyer. If you touched her accidentally then is neither an assault or a grope.