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I play in a local Darts League and have recently joined the

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I play in a local Darts League and have recently joined the Executive Committee to over see the Fair and Correct running of the League and to deal with any issues that may arise, we have recently had an issue with a player who is continually requesting to see the last 3 years Accounts, even though these Accounts were produced at the end of Season AGM's and accepted as a true record, we've asked him why he wants to see them and says that he believes there are discrepancies even though he doesn't have copies himself, we as a committee have asked the Treasurer if there is any foundation in the accusations and as expected he has said there are not. Can this player request to see these accounts even though they were accepted as true at the time ?
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Thank you for your question.
Is the player a member of the organisation? What is the legal make up? Is there a constitution? Or a guarantee company?
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The player is registered to a club that plays within the league, the club he plays for has paid a registration fee to play in the league.

There is now a constitution (Chairman, Vice Chairman, League Secretary and Treasurer) but there didn't used to be, for the last 7 years the league used to be run by a single person who is now the League Secretary, the constitution was put together because the player in question was saying that 1 man could not run the league on his own, it used to be a single division league of 8 teams but is now a 4 division league with 32 teams.

Im not sure what you mean by "Legal Make Up" and Im pretty sure there is no "Guarantee Company"

Does the constitution say anything about who is entitled to see the accounts? What happens in practice? Presumably the members of the league, who appear to be the clubs, are entitled to see the accounts and, therefore, this person would be entitled to see the accounts through his own club?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I might sound Naive but I was led to believe that a "Constitution" was the committee not something in writing !

The accounts are presented to the teams at the end of season AGM where the teams read them ask any questions they want an answer to then once any questions have been answered the Accounts are Proposed and Seconded as a true record.

The constitution in the context of a club or an organisation such as your league is a written document laying down the rules for the running of that organisation? Without such a constitution the committee could simply do what it wanted as opposed to running itself and its organisation in accordance with rules.
Without the Constitution, it is difficult to give advice, but it is likely that any court would not look kindly on an organisation that did not have a constitution and would order disclosure of the accounts to any person having an interest in seeing them.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry I misunderstood, yes we do have rules which state how the league is to be run but unfortunately I do not have these to hand, I will get a copy and come back to you if I may.

Thank you for your excellent service

Speak soon

I'll look out for it, thank you.
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