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Clare, Solicitor
Category: Law
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Experience:  I have been a solicitor in High Street Practice since 1985 with a wide general experience.
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Hi Jo Sorry but once again I am at a lose here with this divorce. I

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Hi Jo
Sorry but once again I am at a lose here with this divorce.
I will copy and paste everything I have talked about with Clare the last solicitor on here.
I have received a letter from the courts with an email from the ex.
it seems to have been sent from Guildford courts to my local court Southampton. quickly I was given the paperwork for divorce from the ex. I signed it and returned it within 7 days. She never signed in the last 5 years to take it to nici. She then wants 1/2 my army pension and has done nothing about it the divorce.
I stated the ref number of the Guildford case within my divorce application to Southampton. I had them send paperwork twice to her. I then issued a bailiff who could not issue due to a dog. I asked Clare on here for advice. She informed me about getting and PI to issue, this was carried out two Sundays ago. Affidavit is in the post to me from the PI's Lawyers. Now the ex has been asking the courts to cancel my divorce case within an email. because I have signed the paperwork with Guildford. Can they do this? why would the district judge tell the court staff "send a copy of the email to the petitioner" and the court want a response from me.
The ex states that I have created a duplicate case. have I?
That intend to re marry in April. yes I do want to re marry.
That I will be arrested if I marry when not divorced. yes I know that.
That I have wasted the courts time and my money. Jo have I?
And that I need to be forthcoming with my pension details. this is a half military pension that a lawyer had told me is a small pension which will properly not be split because I left with just my clothes and paid the debits and gave her 35k cash which was due to me selling a home in Spain.
Today I will be contacting the Southampton Courts. Please can you be straight and honest as I need to know the following.
will I have my case cancelled ?
What do I do next?
Will I be divorced in your eyes by May2015?
do you want a copy of the email?
Thank you for your question.
My name is ***** ***** dealt with you before.
I had assumed that you had applied to dismiss the earlier Petition but it seems that you have not done so.
It is not too late to do so - you do however need to contact the Guildford Court and discover how far the divorce had actually reached.
If it was still before the Decree Nisi then you will need to apply to dismiss it so that your petition can go ahead.
You will need to make the application to Dismiss using the Form D11
There is no guarantee that you will be divorced by May I am afraid
Please ask if you need further details
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