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Ash, Solicitor
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I have been accused of stealing money from a friends house

Customer Question

I have been accused of stealing money from a friends house where i was having dinner, I did not steal the money and my accuser has no proof of who took his money but has implicated me to other friends.
I have only just been informed of this by a friend what should I do?
I am very distressed by the false aligation
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know whether the police are involved?
JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

No the police have not been involved as he can not prove who took his money I was not aware of the allegation made against me to other friends, till another friend who was present last March told me he suspects me.

JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

I am innocent but have no way of proving it but now am very distressed as he has friends thinking I am a theif

Alex Watts : Sure. What is it you want to achieve ?
JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

Can I send him a solicitors letter requesting he does not go making allegations with out proof to my friends that I am a theif as this is

JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

defamation of my character.

JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

I would prefer to do this and have no more contact with him as I have found the situation very distressing

Alex Watts : Yes you can get a solicitor letter, the cost for this would be around £200 I would think.
Alex Watts : If you took the matter to court you would need to show that you had suffered serious harm and it would be proceedings in the high court.
Alex Watts : the cost of that if contested you are looking at circa £15,000 and you can't get legal aid for this.
Alex Watts : I realise the matter is upsetting which is why a solicitor letter may do the trick.
Alex Watts : Can I clairify anything for you about this today please?
JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

How would the wording go on a solicitors letter would it ask him to refrain from making any further allegations to friends?

JACUSTOMER-1h5be31w- :

As I have already paid out £38 for your answer what is the cheapest solicitors letter I can get?

Alex Watts : I can't draft it if that is what you are asking. This is a question and answer site and we can not draft letters for you, just answer questions.
Alex Watts : The wording would be, you have been reported as saying x,y,z to a number of people and this is not true.
Alex Watts : You are requested to cease and desist from making comments otherwise the client will have no alternative but to seek an injunction refraining you from doing so and seek damages.
Alex Watts : Does that clarify for you?
Alex Watts :

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