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I owed a solicitors 1,100 a few years ago and they did not

Customer Question

I owed a solicitors 1,100 a few years ago and they did not ask for arrangements to pay off the debt as they knew I was a single parent and not in a position to pay the debt off in one go. There were no arrangements made they simply took me to court and there was a charging order put on my property. This was several years ago. Recently they have written and emailed me to say they want me to pay the debt or they will force me to sell my house (house is worth £425,000). I am in full time university and have offered £2.00 a month. hey have refused and are asking for an email or letter of my place of education informing them of what I am studying and how long I have left before finishing my course. They have also sent me a form several pages long asking me every aspect of my financial situation, property worth etc. I am not happy as they were very heavy handed in the first place threatening me and then taking me to court. I am also annoyed (an understatement!) that after putting me through all of the stress of going to court they now are threatening me with forcing my home sale and saying that I never kept any arrangements (what arrangements?). Am I within my rights to tell them that they took the decision to put a charging order on my home, have now refused payment agreements and are not getting any information with regard to my education
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ash replied 3 years ago.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : for now please let me know how much is outstanding now?
JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

£1,100 as no arrangements were ever made and no request for me to do so

JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

They were very heavy handed and just took me to court

JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

Are you waiting for something off me as this page states awaiting customer action

JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

Hello are you still there?

Alex Watts : Did they get judgement in default ?
JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

There was no arrangement set up. I asked them to do some work for me and paid a thousand pounds up front, they then asked me for £500 for a solicitor to attend a meeting with the council. As nothing was resolved by my solicitor and he left the firm, I carried on dealing with the problem myself and resolved it.

JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

The solicitors then sent me a bill. When I asked why I hadn't been informed that there was money building up they said it was common practice and that I had to pay it. I disputed it saying I wasn't happy about it as I had no idea there was another bill to pay. I never received any notification. They took me to court and I was ordered to pay, as I had no means to pay them they applied for a charge to be put on my house. That was a few years ago and now they have asked me to pay. I am in university on a full time course so have offered £2.00 a month which has been refused

Alex Watts : Yes. Do you have a copy of that original court order? Did it ask you to pay the whole lot or pay by instalments?
JACUSTOMER-5meau3z7- :

I was asked me to pay the whole amount and when I said I couldn't afford to, the solicitor's firm applied for a charge on my property which was approved in court

Alex Watts :

Yes. But does the original Court order say you have to pay the whole amount?