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my wife and two children are Brazilian, they are at heathrow

Customer Question

my wife and two children are Brazilian, they are at heathrow airport suppose to be here for holiday for 5 months, and have been told that they are being deproted back to brazil tonight at 8pm, they say that she is deemed to be not a visitor, when she has a return ticket and she is covered with my medical insurance from work, and will be supported by me when she is here, we have been married 61/2 years with two boys 5 and 3. what can i do???

My wife and and two boys are being held in immigration, they are here to visit for 5 months.   My wife has never had this problem before and its the first time going through Heathrow, I have paid for them to spend time with me and my family as this is the last time they will see there grandmother as she is very ill and is on hair 24 seven.


My wife has cleared it with the school in Brasil and has closed up her shop, which she intends to reopen when she returns.  when she is is here i will be supporting her with my family.    


I do have medical insurance for my wife and two children, which i have enclosed, and my wife loves her country so much and has no intentions of living here, this is strictly a family holiday.   when she visited in previous occasions, going from pairs to Aberdeen she has never had this problem with immigration. 


First time going the way of Heathrow and my wife and two boys are being treated like prisoners and are being deported for really no reasons, my wife is honest she is a church going person and has no reason to lie. but i feel we are being victimised.   I have enclosed a document of my medical insurance that i pay out of my wages every week. they are due to be deported at 8pm tonight on the 17th of december 2014


and last night she was kept in a locked room with my two children, no hotel for them, they have had no shower and no place to sleep, they have been kept as a prisoner, my marriage is going to fail because of this and I am not going to see my my children for a long time, it took me a very long time to get the money for them to come here in the first place, and i spend the whole lot on them coming here.



MY SON AGED 5 ANDREW ***** *****

MY SON AGED 3 JOAO ***** *****


they were planned to come here from the 16th december 2014 to the 16th May 2015.


Immigration number for terminal 5 028 196  2500


I need help desperate i will do anything to have my family with me at this time of  year, its Christmas and possibly they will never see their grandmother as she has never seen them and she is terminally ill.


Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  UK_Lawyer replied 3 years ago.
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