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I am looking for advice of something that may not happen. I

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I am looking for advice of something that may not happen. I am concerned that just emailing could be the wrong thing to do. But I am sick with worry, and have lost my confidence to go out of the door. I cant stop crying, cant function, cant sleep.
I have a house full of grown up family to feed on Christmas day, and cant even write the super market food list out. I Cant cancel there Christmas, what could I say? Dont know what to do. I unable to find anyone that can give me confidential accurate information. and cant I feel I cant talk to anyone, and have no one I can talk to that can give me any professional advice. I know lots of alarmists that will feel worse than I do.
This has to be confidential. Please help.
I dont know who to call, for fear of them breaking my confidence.

Hello I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this, It is not clear from your post what it is you are concerned about.

JACUSTOMER-c2vx54p0- :

Could you give me the name of a solicitor in Nottingham who deals a potential traffic road mistake - or wrong judgement. I may have been reported.


What is it you fear you may be suspected of?

JACUSTOMER-c2vx54p0- :

I hovered over making a decision to stay or move forward, on a small congested road, the car in front of had stopped. I hovered moved forward thinking that I should move forward. then realised that I should have stayed put. I am finding this really difficult to continue.

JACUSTOMER-c2vx54p0- :

If I need independent advice and help, could you recommend anyone in Nottingham#


Did you have an accident and not report it?


I am not allowed to recommend any particular firm but if you follow this link it will take you to the Law Society page to help you find a solicitor you can search by specialism and area. Alternatiley you could see if there is onything on this blog that helps you

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No I did not have an accident. I just misjudged the situation, but I suspect people were cross, and fear that I may have been reported. Its the uncertancy not knowing.

If there wasn't an accident then it is likely you will hear no more about it.