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I am currently working as a permanent full time sales

Customer Question

I am currently working as a permanent full time sales advisor at L.K.XXXXXXX luxury retail company.My employment begin on the 16/03/2014 at a concession in House Of Fraser Victoria.I have past my 6 moths probation with them. On the 13/12/2014 my aria manager Carolyn XXXXXX informed me that the concession will be closing down and at the moment she doesn't have any solution for my future in the company.She promised she would advice with HR in the company and inform me for options on the following Monday.She didn't got back to me.I did contacted her on the 16/12/14 via email requesting information for transfer to another store,she replied quoting " We don't have anything suitable at the moment.Will keep you updated" Whoever I have printed the list with the company vacancies in London and they are over 20 available sales positions. Regarding the concession closing down I haven't been informed in writing only verbally. I am not keen to stay with this company. Currently they owe me 19 days worth of holiday,one week deposit of my first salary. I am planning on taking 2 weeks worth of holiday between the 7/1/15-21/1/15 which has been agreed verbally with my in line manager Monica XXXXXXXXXX. Also I'm planning to give my notice of one calendar month as company policy require that I'm leaving on the 24/12/14 and my last day of employment would be the 21/1/15,which means the last two weeks of my employment I'll be on holiday. The company I'm working for has completely exploited me,disrespected me and does not want me there. How do I secure my situation legally and leave on good terms with them? Also how do I receive reference?Have the rest of my holiday paid? And if I'm unable to find a new job position straight away how do I continue paying my national insurance. What I'm afraid is having under account my company is treating employed badly they will find a way to not paid me what they are owning me! I would truly appreciate sound advice on the matter as I am being pressured by time and as a full time sale assistant I don't have the physical ability to look for another job so I really am counting on taking these two weeks in January so I can do so.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 3 years ago.
Ben Jones : Hello, my name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you with your question today. does your contract guarantee a reference will be provided by them? Please note I am
Ben Jones : in tribunal today so may not be able to respond fully until later this afternoon thanks