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Discriminated against because of dyslexia

Customer Question

My husband applied for a job, the same position he is currently in within another company, he stated on the application form he is dyslexic and at an assessment also. At the assessment he had to complete spelling and grammar exercises without the use of spell check, even though the company uses spell check daily and when asked for feedback as to why he didn't get invited for interview he was told he failed the spelling and grammar exercises, even though he would seeing as he's dyslexic. He was told this was needed for when spell check isn't working, to which he replied, that if spell check isn't working normally the whole system isn't working seeing as he is a bit of a computer whizz and phonecalls don't monitor your spelling and punctuation. The company claimed they were not aware of this even though they had his application form and he verbally told him. They were not willing to provide written feedback after promising it in the first instance but then essentially telling him it was because of his dyslexia why he didn't get the job and we're very degrading toward him by saying "Perhaps you should have recorded this yourself on your little device and I'm sure there's SOMETHING out there for YOU". Is there anything he can do about this discrimination?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law