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Could you please tell me what the following sentence means

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Could you please tell me what the following sentence means in everyday language so I can have a full understanding. It is from a transfer document of 1989,headed as follows "-
First Schedule. Rights granted to the Transferee
1. " Full right and liberty ( in common with all other persons entitled to the like right) at all times by day or by night and for all purposes to go pass and repass with or without motor vehicles over and along the accessway shaded brown on the plan."
Particularly what does " for all purposes to go " mean in the context of this document re my property which is in a private lane ? Normally the word PURPOSE means an object to be obtained or thing intended? So does it mean a purpose to deliver or purpose to visit or purpose to park?
Also what are AMENITY areas on a private lane or what could they be ?
Thank you for your question.
It means that there is granted to the transferee a total right of pedestrian or vehicular access for any purpose at all and not restricted to any particular purpose.
Amenity areas would have to be considered in context but could be, for example, parking or drop off. I do t have enough information about this.
Happy to discuss further.
Please leave a positive response so that I am credited for my time.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I just wanted to check you received my question from yesterday 30/12

and also the case I was referring to which I missed out originally?


Smith v Garrard ( 2004 ) EWCA Civ 1655 ( 17 Nov 2004 )


Many thanks


Trevor Davies