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I have a mental health issue. I have Bipolar disorder and have

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I have a mental health issue. I have Bipolar disorder and have worked with the local authority for 10 years. I was ill a couple of times during my employment. I am still with the employer but when I feel I am being victimized they use another member of staff as a indirect threat in a physical presence. I have had this a couple of times. I am not a physical threat to anyone I have very good character witnesses. I have never struck anyone. I feel I am being harassed and intimidated, but the authority are very coy and cover up what their intentions are.
Thank you for your question.
It sounds to me that you have a grievance against the local authority for the way they have acted towards you. You shouod, therefore be instigating their grievance procedure so as to trigger an investigation. There will be a published grievance procedure which you should follow but it will normally involve an investigation by a local authority manager who is not involved with you or the others concerned. That person will investigate and produce a report on the allegations made and the employer has to fix the position if the grievance is upheld.
Happy to discuss further.
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