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Hi i really need some help i suffer from -polar and 4

Customer Question

Hi i really need some help i suffer from bi-polar and 4 years ago i split with my partner and we went to court whilst i was i the grip of a hyper manic episode and he was awarded a residency order for our three children who are 14 11 and 8. i have been well since this last episode i 2010 and am under a psychiatrist and have regular intervals with my cpn. the problem is when i was released from BSMHT the olesster in Birmingham, my ex-partner had no where to live so moved back into the family home with the 3 children and i cared fro them with him in a normal manner now i hae asked hin to leave my property in September 2014 and he has moved with the children. I have spoke to him and i see the children my son for 4 hours on a monday my 2 girls on a wed evening and both gilrs on a saturday. I have tried to get information fro people about a custody hearing or contact order but my ex-partner refuses to negotiate on the matter and says point blank i can't review the order in case i become ill again anf is no letting the children dictate when and where they see me as in if they dont feel like stopping because they are in a mood or im not taking them out he lets them go home . Please advise on any thing that i can do to rectify this please very desperate now being without my children and having him dictate the terms . my name is***** my contact number is ***** XXX XXX

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Law