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I employed Lee Richardson of 26 Derwent View, Blaydon upon

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I employed Lee Richardson of 26 Derwent View, Blaydon upon Tyne, based on his quote of chimney and rendering of £1650, the day after the scaffolding went up he advised it was more work than he previously quoted and advised the new price would be more. I advised I was not going to pay any more as I had given him the job based on his quote which was not the cheapest. I then had 2 more calls off Lee advising he wanted to do the job and show me he was a good trades person and that he would do the whole job for £2000 and he also wanted a good write up on check a trade. I agreed and when he was finished asked for his bank details to put money in his bank, which he said he would email me. He rang again on the 24-12-2014 to thank me for the comment on check a trade, again I asked for bank details he advised he was away with the family but would email me. Well you can imagine my shock on the 26-12-2014 getting an email not of his bank details but a bill for £2900. He called me early on the 27-12-2014, I advised not happy and there were cracks already showing on rendering. He advised coming straight over, when he got here he was full of hell and advised were the crack was he hadn't even touched, but he would come back and fix. He then wanted the £2900, which I advised the original quote was for £1650 and we had agreed price of £2000 on the phone and I would not be paying a penny more, he then started yelling telling me I had problems and he had never had to deal with someone like me before, at which point I took his bank details and entered my home leaving him outside yelling and ringing doorbell and telephone.
I am a female and live on my own and used check a trade as I wanted to find an honest trades person who did a good job, I have had a daily call and text from Lee Richardson asking for £900 which I have not answered but as check a trade on holidays until 02-01-2015 do not know what to do and am afraid to go out.
Thank you Reina Cohen
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
what would you like to know about this please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What I need to do t stop this Lee Richardson telephoning and texting asking me for money that was not agreed to.

Well, there isn't any way of doing that. Ultimately there is no way of controlling his actions remotely. Even if he went to court and got an unfavourable decision he may still not accept it. There are such people.
The question is how do you respond to it. If you say these funds are not due then just refuse to pay and invite him to sue if he disagrees. If he does disagree and sues then you can defend it at court and get a ruling on the point.
I suppose you could threaten him with a harassment action. I wouldn't suggest actually suing. It will be expensive and he will only counterclaim for the sums he says are due. In truth, there is a legitimate dispute here and his calls are only pursuing that so it is not really the best claim in harassment.
Can I clarify anything for you?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your answer, would you suggest I answer the telephone next time he calls and advise again as I did at the door that I am not paying a penny more and he can sue. Or should I still not answer telephone and wait for check a trade to have a word with him on 02-01-2015?

I would just ignore him. You need to tell him once your position about all of this but it sounds as though you have done that. If not, it is probably a good idea to do it by text or email or some other recordable and provable means.
I wouldn't waste your time with check a trader. They are not going to act over this. This is a dispute between you two.
Ultimately he claims more money than you say is due. If you are not prepared to pay then he will have to sue.
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