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I've just recieved a letter from a solicitor representing HMRC

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I've just recieved a letter from a solicitor representing HMRC for late filing fines totalling £2900. They say they have the power to seize goods. Is this true or does my case have to go to court before goods can be seized?
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : Are you late and is this for personal or business please?

I was self employed between Nov 11 and March 13. I earned £700 total in that time.


I tried to file online but found it a very difficult process so when my self employment finished I wrote to HMRC notifying them that I was no longer self employed but I am still being billed.


To be honest I havnt filed anything on line.

Alex Watts : Ok. So you were late.


Alex Watts : On what basis are the fines £2900?
Alex Watts : Did you never write and explain the situation ?

increased amounts with each letter and also billed for 13-14


Yes I spoke to an advisor who told me to write and explain which I did about a year ago so I assumed the bills I got after trhis was clerical error and would rectify itself, which it obviously hasnt.

Alex Watts : ok, do Hmrc have a record of that and did you ever write?

I have spoken to the solicitor this morning who have advised me to contact HMRC again, they have given me a 30 day grace period to try and sort this out!


They should have a record of the conversation but I dont have any record of my letter as I dont have word on my computor so I sent a hand written letter

Alex Watts : Thanks. Indeed I would contact Hmrc again both by telephone and write to them explaining the situation, when you contacted them, what was said and what action you took as a result.
Alex Watts : That should resolve the matter, but remember to keep a copy and send it recorded delivery
Alex Watts : you need a record.
Alex Watts : In theory they can take goods without a court order, but they can't force entry
Alex Watts : So if they turn up at your door to levy then you can refuse to let them in, they can't bash the door down
Alex Watts : so no, they have powers that mean they don't have to go to court.
Alex Watts : Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?

Ok, thanks... I really needed to know what powers they had in regards ***** ***** up at my door! No, thank you very much Alex, very helpful advice,


Best Regards ***** ***** New Year


Katie :-)

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