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my grandaughter is involved in personal injury case and her

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my grandaughter is involved in personal injury case and her mother is being asked to go back to the place where her daughter was injured with her daughter.Lots of ill feeling. Solicitor says the eqine expert will look after them. Mother and daughter want child;s nana to attend but been denied due to ill feelings. If mother refuses to take daughter back will she prevent liability being proved or case suffer. The child was left with severe injures for about one and half hours and staff left her totally alone and lied about having contacted her mother. Then went off to hay horses. So of course family angry. The daughter was 14 at time and now 18 but still disabled and traumatised and really feel not right to be asked to take her back there. They did not help parent on arrival to collect chlid and Accident report. RIDDOR AND sUMARY REPORTS AND LETTER OF DENAL NOTHING SAYS CHILD WAS SERIOUSLY INJURED AND HAD BEEN PICKED UP OFF THE GROUND. tWO FALLS FROM TWO HORSES HAVING BEEN REMOUNTED AND LATER LEFT TO DISMOUNT ALONE. jUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF PARENT REFUSES TO CO-OPERATE WITH LAYER AND NOT GO TO THE PREMISES, LPLEASE.
Alex Watts : Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you with this.
Alex Watts : For now please let me know if this is on a no win no fee and what is the purpose of the expert?

thanks it is a no win no fee. The expert wants to be shown where child fell in field and to examine field and where second fall etc. But she has made statements and drawn maps. riding place have made photographs with models and all wrong and not right. So if goes may confuse her as laywer says the owners and staff and insurance peole may be about and not to talk near them Why should do this?

Alex Watts : Ok, so a forensic expert so to speak?

well it is an equine expert because happened in riding lesson. In a field that was never used before she doing show jumping

Alex Watts : Ok. If the parent refuses to co-operate the insurers can refuse to cover the matter on a no win no fee.
Alex Watts : This means the case ends.
Alex Watts : Thats worse case.
Alex Watts : Solicitors can refuse to act if they feel prospects fall below 50%
Alex Watts : But the family member shouldn't be thinking about these lies.
Alex Watts : themself
Alex Watts : It is for the benefit of the child l

that helps a lot so got to be carefuI here I will say to my daughter. Are there set rules who can attend such a meeting on the premises? Can the defendents refuse people? At the time of acident all hapy but then immediately all banned and silence! .

Alex Watts : the defendants can try to refuse access but claimant can just seek a court order for access
Alex Watts : There are no rules who can attend, but the defendants insurers would not unreasonably refuse

thank you that is what he said originally. Maybe necessary. If apply for access does that take long

Alex Watts : no, couple of weeks

well allowing access but only for mother and daughter.

Alex Watts : they can't deny access for expert either

that is not bad. my daughter can push a bit but perhaps have to be careful and co-operate


yes expert can attend .

Alex Watts : yes,
Alex Watts : can I clairfy anything else for you today please?

I think this is the main problem trying to protect the daughter and mother really as they are both insecure. not going to good going back for them

Alex Watts : Sadly you can't force mum to do anything

but she will do it if means helping to prove liability. Just think not reasonable to go back there really but if have to...will be horrible with them about.

Alex Watts : Yes I can imagine it's not nice, but she needs to go through this to help the claim

exactly. Think will end all right they waiting for A levels to end. But perhaps get it over with. thank you for advice and will keep in mind to help them keep calm.

Alex Watts : happy to help. Can I clarify anything else for you?

N0 thank you I think I understand and if possible with no ill feeling apply for support person at court but if not get on with it and face it. Has to be done. thankyou I am happy with this chat.


worse going back on private property than if it was somewhere public! But thanks and goodbye

Alex Watts : Indeed. Could I ask you rate my answer before you go today please, the button should be at the bottom of the screen
Alex Watts : If you need more help please click reply


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